Waste & Recycling

The City of Camrose provides weekly waste collection to all single family, duplex, triplex and four-plex dwellings. All multi-family units with more than four units, and all commercial, industrial and institutional properties must make their own arrangements for waste collection and disposal. They have the option of doing it themselves, or using one of several private contractors who provide this service in Camrose.

The City retains a private contractor to provide residential waste collection in the city. If you have any questions about your pickup service, please contact Waste Connections of Canada directly at 780.679.0409.

All residential properties receiving waste collection services are charged three fixed monthly fees. The fees are charged each month, whether or not the service is used in any particular month.
In Camrose, waste collection and disposal is treated as a utility, and is totally funded by user fees charged on utility bills. No tax revenue subsidizes these programs.