Enforcement Services

The Community Peace Officer has authority under the Municipal Government Act to enforce the bylaws that have been passed by City Council as well as the Animal Control Act, Traffic Safety Act and the Provincial Offenses Procedure Act.

  • Duties of the City Weed Inspector with authority under the Weed Control Act of Alberta
  • Enforcement of both the Environmental and Enhancement Act and the Agricultural Pests Act
  • Enforcement of non-moving traffic under the Traffic Safety Act
  • Provide assistance to other:
    • City departments
    • Government agencies
    • Neighboring municipalities
The Community Peace Officer for the City of Camrose enforces a number of municipal bylaws, including, but not limited to; Animal Control, Business License, Nuisance Abatement, Public Property, Snow Removal and Waste Collection and Disposal.  To view enforcement bylaws click on frequently requested bylaws.  

Additional Information: