Information for Starting Your Own Business

What You May Need & Where to Find It
1 Register Business Name or Limited Corporation (Alberta Registries, Corporate Registry)
Seek legal counsel to determine what kind of registration is best for you (trade name, partnership, limited corporation).
Camrose License & Registry
5613 - 48 Avenue  T4V 0J6
P 780.672.1671
F 780.672.1982
2 Development Permit (City of Camrose, Building & Development Services)
You may need a development permit approval before you can get a city business license or provincial license.
5204 - 50 Avenue
Camrose, AB T4V 0S8
P 780.672.4428
F 780.672.6316
3 Building Permit (City of Camrose, Building Inspections
If you are doing interior or exterior construction, changing the occupancy or your business, you need a building permit.
5204 - 50 Avenue
Camrose, AB T4V 0S8
P 780.672.4428
F 780.672.6316
4 Business License (City of Camrose, Building & Development Services)
Any business operating within the City of Camrose requires a business license.

In some cases, you need a provincial license first (Step 6).
5204 - 50 Avenue
Camrose, AB T4V 0S8
P 780.672.4428
F 780.672.6316
5 Health Approval (Public Health Inspector)
A food establishment permit is required if you make, sell, or store food or drink. Public or semipublic swimming pools need a license. Please call.
5510 - 46 Avenue
Camrose, AB T4V 4P8
P 780.679.2980
6 Provincial Licenses (Alberta Municipal Affairs - Consumer Services Division) 
You may need a development permit first. Some businesses need provincial licenses. Some licenses require bonds or trust accounts.

P 780.422.1335
P 780.310.0000
7 Provincial Income Tax (Alberta Treasury - Tax and Revenue Administration)
Only corporations with permanent establishments in Alberta need to file a return and remit income taxes to Alberta Treasury.

P 780.427.3044
P 780.310.0000
8 GST (Goods and Services Tax) and Excise Tax (Revenue Canada - Excise / GST)
Most businesses carrying on commercial activities in Canada must register for and collect the GST.
P 780.310.0000
P 800.959.5525
9 Federal Income Tax (Revenue Canada)
For income tax guides and employer's kit, call general inquiries at (800) 959-2221.
P 780.310.0000
P 800.267.6999
10 Community Futures East Central Alberta
Community Futures East Central Alberta offers loans to entrepreneurs who are wishing to start, expand or purchase a small business that may have been turned down by traditional lenders. Services provided include one-on-one business counselling, workshops and coaching.
4336 - 41 Street
Camrose, AB T4V 4E5
P 780.608.7829
F 780.678.3258
11 Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC)
If you are looking for business loans you can contact AFSC . They have Commercial Loan Programs and Value Added & Agribusiness Program. AFSC is a provincial crown corporation with a private sector Board of Directors that provides farmers, agribusinesses and other small businesses, loans, crop insurance and farm income disaster assistance.
4910 - 52 Street
Camrose, AB  T4V 4E8
P 780.679.1229
12 Rural Alberta Business Centre (RABC)
Do you have a great business idea? Are you wondering how to grow your business, improve it or make better decisions? The RABC Office in Camrose, in partnership with the Government of Alberta, Community Futures and the City of Camrose provide small businesses and entrepreneurs with one stop access to information, advice, research services, seminars, and workshops.
4336 - 41 Street
Camrose, AB  T4V 4E5
P 780.608.7875
F 780.678.3258