Market Size & Population

  • City of Camrose - 18,069
  • Camrose County - 7,160
  • Total Trading Area - 140,000
  • Population Growth - 4.2%
  • Average Population Change - 2.6%
  • Annual Per Year Growth - 1.4%
The population of Camrose provides both a ready market and a stable labour supply. Camrose employers find it easy to get and keep the kind of staff they need - staff with the skills and work attitudes that make a business profitable.
  • Ample Labour Supply - With a City population of 17,236 and a surrounding County population of 7,290, the Camrose area has about 24,000 citizens from which to draw employees. About 18,722 people are in the workforce. The Camrose rate of unemployment, while lower than in some other parts of Alberta, provides an ample supply of people who are anxious to go to work.
  • Skilled Workers - Many Camrose and area workers have a skilled and diverse agricultural background. As a noted education centre, Camrose also has many residents with a sophisticated grasp of modern technology.
  • Strong Work Ethic - The workforce is traditionally non-transient, with a strong work ethic.

Resources & Information

Access to Markets
Camrose has an immediate trading area population of 140,000 and is only an hour's drive from a market population of one million people. Camrose is equidistant from Vancouver and Winnipeg markets.