City Owned Lots

The cost of doing business is lower in Camrose due to City policies that keep facility costs comparatively low. For some years, the City of Camrose has maintained a land bank whereby large tracks of land on the perimeter of the City are purchased and gradually developed into industrial parks and residential subdivisions. This policy stabilizes land prices. Contact Victor Goodman at 780.672.4426 and he would be pleased to provide more information and arrange a tour.

Commercial Land

Camrose has a supply of retail, office, and light industrial space. Rental and lease rates compare favorably with rates in other centres. If you decide to build, you will find land prices are reasonable and construction costs competitive in Camrose.

Residential Land

An excellent supply of residential lots is available in private-owned developments. Because of lower land and building costs, Camrose residents enjoy a better standard of living than they could afford in other centres.