Sign Enforcement

Any one found in contravention of the City of Camrose Sign Regulations, one or more of the following actions may be taken:
  1. A notice in writing to correct the contravention &/or
  2. An order to correct the contravention &/or
  3. In accordance with Section 542 of the Municipal Government Act, the City may enter upon the land and take such action as is necessary to carry out the order.
All costs of action taken by the City to enforce these regulations are the responsibility of the property owner. Such costs include labor, equipment or materials. Should the matter go to court and the owner be found guilty, he/she shall be liable to pay to the City of Camrose all costs. Such costs may include legal fees, investigation, prosecution and any other costs as required for the removal or rectification of the offense. In accordance with Section 5.04 of the City of Camrose Land Use Bylaw #2567/07, the owner may also be subject to a fine of not less than $500 and not more than $2500 plus an additional fine of $500 per day that the offense continues.