Application Process

How to Obtain a Development Permit
To obtain a development permit, a completed application form must be submitted to City Hall with:
  • Two copies of the site plan showing the following information:
    • North arrow
    • Scale of plan
    • Legal description
    • Municipal address
    • Fully dimensioned parcel boundaries
    • Front yard, side yard, and rear yard dimensions
    • Location of sidewalks and curbs (existing and proposed)
    • Location of buildings (existing and proposed) with front yard, side yard, and rear yard dimensions
    • Parking areas (stall dimensions), entrances, and exits abutting public roadways
    • Existing easements
    • Proposed grade and drainage of the property
    • Location of service connections (existing and proposed)
  • Two copies of the building plans and profiles
  • Landscaping plans for all multi-family, commercial, and industrial buildings (existing and proposed)
  • Owner’s consent to develop the property (if the applicant is not the owner)
  • Recent copy of the title
  • Description of the development
  • The application fee

Your application will not be accepted until all required documentation is submitted for review.

Note: These are minimum requirements and supplementary material may be required at the discretion of the Development Officer.

Resources & Information
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  • Fees and Charges
  • Single Family / Duplex Checklist
  • Developer's Checklist
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