Processing times for Development Permit Applications vary depending on the type of development. The Development Officer must make a decision on a Development Permit within 40 days of receipt of the completed application, although typically approval is granted much sooner.

A single family dwelling can usually be dealt with in 10 working days. Smaller projects, such as additions and renovations, require less time. The application is deemed to be refused if no decision is made within 40 days.

A Development Permit comes into effect:
  • If it is issued by City Council with respect to a development in a Direct Control District, upon the date of its issue
  • If an appeal is made, on the date that the appeal is finally determined
  • If it is issued by the Development Officer, 17 days after the date of issue of the Notice of Decision
A Development Permit remains in effect for 12 months from the date of its issue and thereafter is null and void.

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