Private Sewage Inspections

A safety codes officer will identify and interpret legislative authority pertaining to private sewage disposal.

Alberta Standard of Practice

The Alberta Standard of Practice 2015 identifies the objectives of private sewage systems and sets out the minimum requirements for health, safety, and structural sufficiency for private sewage systems.

Treatment & Disposal

Sewage contains chemical and biological constituents that can cause environmental and public health problems if the waste is not treated and disposed of properly. The treatment and safe disposal of sewage is particularly important to prevent the contamination of food and water and to prevent the incidence and transmission of disease.

Permit Applications

All permit applications will be reviewed prior to issuance of the permit.
The application shall show full design specifications as noted on the permit application. The City of Camrose will require soil-classification by an independent laboratory prior to processing the permit application. Processing time for Private Sewage permits is approximately 5-10 business days.