Camrose Water Shortage Response Plan

The City of Camrose is developing a Water Shortage Response Plan (WSRP) to guide potential water restrictions, especially during dry summers.

Currently, a draft of the WRSP outlines four levels of conservation with the last stages to be implemented if water availability becomes an issue. (This situation is determined by City Administration based mainly on the flow in the Battle River and the elevation of Driedmeat Lake.)

As part of an agreement to provide raw water to the new Cargill canola crushing plant, the City was required to apply to the Province to divert extra water from Driedmeat Lake. The Province approved this request with the condition that the newest agreement would potentially be restricted during times of extreme water shortage. The draft WSRP was developed to help the City prepare for potential water restrictions imposed by the Province, at which time the City would only be allowed to divert water from the lake at a rate equal to the City’s older agreements.

Stage One of the draft WSRP encourages citizens to voluntarily use water conservation practices in their daily activities. If the water situation changed to where more restrictions were needed, the remaining three stages would include mandatory restrictions on indoor and outdoor water use. For example, in Stage Two, all residents and businesses would be restricted to watering lawns only between the hours of 6am—9am and 7pm-11pm. Stages Three and Four would further restrict outdoor and non-essential water use.

The WSRP would also include a procedure for the City to potentially impose fines on non-complying individuals and businesses. But before imposing any fines, the City would work with the offenders to make them aware of their actions and the current restrictions placed on water use.

Generally speaking, the City of Camrose will remain in Stage One of the plan. But depending on how dry the year gets, the City may need to move toward Stage Two.

If you would like more information about the WSRP or the Water Use Bylaw, please contact the City of Camrose Engineering Department at 780.672.4428, or at