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Sep 19

48th Avenue Bridge Replacement Project - September Update

Posted to 48 Ave Bridge Replacement Project by Melissa Henderson

September 19, 2017

On Tuesday, September 5, 2017 work began on phase 1 of the 48th Avenue Bridge Replacement Project. This two-phase construction is expected to be completed in August 2018, with a full closure of 48th Avenue between 53rd and 51St Street beginning in early 2018.

Currently, work is progressing on phase 1 of the bridge project. This involves placement of rock and other fill material within Mirror Lake to accommodate for the widened road. The yellow booms within the lake, attached to netting, are required during this placement for a few purposes. These nets were initially placed along the shoreline, and then were stretched out into the lake to move all fish and aquatic life out of the construction area. As well, during construction, the nets will keep all stirred-up sediment from polluting the lake.

During phase 1 of the construction, there will be partial closure of the roadway and the sidewalks. However, no more than one lane will be closed at a time, and the sidewalk closures will occur at the same time as the lane closure. Pedestrians will still be able to travel between 51st and 53rd street at all times during phase 1 using the opposite sidewalk to where the contractor (PSA Construction) is working.

Stay tuned for more updates. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the City of Camrose’s Engineering department at or at 780-672-4428.

Sep 19

Progress Update - September 19, 2017

Posted to Aquatic Centre Renos by Sara Walkey

Last week City staff met with the project architects (BR2) to review the latest concept.  These were the highlights:
  • The importance of keeping pool services open as long as possible - the idea is to keep the pool open while the expansion is being built and when that is finished, close off the old pool to complete more construction, and then when everything is finished, open the newly renovated building completely (if possible)
  • The spray park has been closed until 2019 when the structure is rebuilt (in a different location and using some of the refurbished original structures)
  • Discussions regarding the maintenance and upkeep for a sauna versus a steam room
  • The need to resurface the whole roof
  • Discussions around which water filters to use
  • Discussions around the possibility of Camrose County contributing some funding
  • Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in April 2018
  • We will have a design to share with the public before the end of this year 
Our next step is to get detailed pricing on the most recent concept from BR2 (which should be within the next few weeks) and then we will go from there.
Jul 07

Blue Dot Declaration Update Report - December 19, 2016

Posted to Blue Dot Movement by Sara Walkey

On October 5th 2015, the City of Camrose approved the “Right to a Healthy Environment” Declaration. Camrose was the first City in Alberta to make such a declaration. The following lists various projects and actions taken by the City of Camrose related to the creation and maintenance of a healthy environment.
  • Energy Conservation – The Encana Arena Solar Power Project involved the installation of a 1,053,000 Watt solar power system, representing the second largest rooftop installation in Canada.
  • Energy Conservation – LED Streetlight Conversion – A contract was signed with Fortis for the replacement of City streetlights in 2017. We expect to replace 2,203 streetlights with low energy, dark-sky friendly LEDs in quarter three of 2017.
  • Water Protection – The Source Water Protection Plan, approved by both the City and the County of Camrose, will help protect the Battle River Watershed.
  • Water Protection – The Waste Water Treatment Project progressed with the selection of an upgrade technology to enhance the performance of our waster water treatment process.
  • Water Conservation – The draft Water Shortage Response Plan was created and circulated with the various stakeholders.
  • Water Conservation – The Low Flow Toilet Rebate Program.
  • Air Quality – The updated Smoking Bylaw prohibits smoking in public parks.
  • Air Quality – The continuation of the Naturalization Program with associated reductions in mowing requirements.
  • Transportation – The Community Bus Pilot Project was initiated including a combination of a fixed route and a group booking service.
  • Transportation – Improved trail system through the approved future installation of the 48th Street Underpass along with progress on the CP Rail Underpass. Once complete, these two projects will allow uninterrupted walkability from the north side to the south side of our beautiful City.
  • Promotion of Healthy Local Foods – Community services has plans for the expansion of the Community Gardens in 2017. This project may include plots in other areas of the City.
  • Reduced Solid Waste – Implementation of the new composting totes.
  • Reduced Chemical Use / Recycling – The millings produced from the various road overlay projects were repurposed to replace frequently used gravel roads with basic paved roads. This reduces the amount of maintenance required and eliminates the need for dust control chemical on those sections of road.
  • Increased Density – The approval of the updated Land Use Bylaw with related housing density provisions. These included reduced parking stall requirements and supports mixed use zoning.