May 25

48th Avenue Pedestrian Underpass Update

Posted on May 25, 2018 at 8:22 AM by Melissa Henderson

As you may have noticed, there has been a lot of activity this week. PSA began the excavation across 48 Ave on Tuesday May 22. This was to prepare for the installation of the pedestrian walkway underneath the new road. Wednesday morning (May 23rd) began with the delivery of the first box culvert pieces.

The box culvert installation took place for the rest of the day, and by the end of the day on May 23rd, PSA had installed 13 of the box culverts. As of this morning (May 25th), 17 pieces in total have been installed and an additional 5 pieces have been delivered to the site. In the end, the pedestrian walkway will be made up of 32 of these box culverts. To install all of the pieces, PSA predicts that it would take about three days in total. These three days may not be consecutive, as work will first be done with the back filling and weatherproofing of the current sections. Once this first portion is complete, a ramp will be installed over the box culverts so work can be continued on the east side of the bridge.

By the end of the project, PSA will install handrails along either end of the pedestrian underpass to ensure that trail users along 48 Ave do not accidentally fall down onto the lower trails.

Inside the box culverts, they are about 4 meters wide and 2.5 meters in height. This is over 8 feet of vertical clearance, which is the height of a typical house ceiling. The high clearance is to accommodate bike riders, as to not need to crouch down inside the tunnel. The 4 meter wide path is about one meter wider than the average trail in Camrose. This extra width is to allow for pedestrians to comfortably pass each other.

The slanted ends of the underpass are designed to let in as much natural light as possible into the walkway. Additionally, there will be a total of 16 LED lights installed, with 8 on either edge along its length.

The City would again, like to thank citizens for their patience and cooperation during this project. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Engineering Department at 780-672-4428 or at

excavation for pedestrian underpass
May 22 – PSA has started excavation across 48 Ave for the future pedestrian underpass.

box culvert delivery
May 23 – Delivery of concrete box culverts to site.

installation of first 2 pieces
May 23 – Installation of the first two concrete pieces at the north end of the pedestrian underpass. Note that the contractor is using a winch system to ensure that the concrete pieces are installed snugly together.

moving the rectangular piece
May 23 – PSA moving the first rectangular piece of the pedestrian underpass into place.

Installation of 9 box culvert pieces
May 23 (near the end of the day) – PSA has completed installation of the first 9 rectangular box pieces, in addition to the end pieces on the north end of the structure. PSA to continue excavation of soil material and the installation of the box culvert pieces in the days to follow.

May 18

48th Avenue Bridge Update

Posted on May 18, 2018 at 1:48 PM by Melissa Henderson

Another on-site meeting was held between representatives from the PSA, the City, and AMEC Foster Wheeler on May 17, 2018. PSA provided another update on the progress of the bridge construction.

PSA reiterated that they were happy with the system in place for traffic accommodation, and had no safety issues or concerns to report. After hearing this, and inspecting the site, the City is happy with how things are moving forward in a safe manner.

Similarly, the City is quite pleased with the manner in which environmental health and protection is being handled. In order to construct the back wall of the bridge, trenches had to be dug along the edge of the lake. To keep the work area dry, water from the lake had to be constantly pumped out of the trench. The water that is removed from the trenches is full on soil particles and debris, and would cause harm to the environment if allowed to be dumped directly back into the lake. Along with the yellow sediment curtains in place, PSA has also set up small on site ponds that will allow for the water to be filtered as it naturally feeds back into the environment.

On the east side of the soon-to-be bridge, the construction of the backwall is about 65% complete. Within the next two weeks, one of the three track hoes will be moved to the west side to continue making progress with that portion. Throughout this, PSA continues to remove asphalt and debris to make room for the new roadway.

PSA has a lot planned for the next two weeks. Starting next week, the box culverts for the pedestrian walkway will be delivered and begin to be installed. The plan is the start on the north side of the roadway and work to the south. As mentioned before, work with the track hoes will be continued on the west side. As well, initial planning has begun for the relocation of the signal lights.

Overall, the City is quite pleased with the progress being made. Current predictions of the project’s completion place it in early September. PSA is working hard to get the project back on schedule.

The City would again, like to thank citizens for their patience and cooperation during this project. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Engineering Department at 780-672-4428 or at

Pumping of Water
Water from the trench is pumped into a temporary holding pond within the construction area, where it is filtered to remove sediments before being released to Mirror Lake.

Trackhoe transferring backfill
Trackhoe in foreground transferring backfill material into the trench on the east side of the east pilings and backwall. Trackhoes in background working on removal of asphalt and concrete from former portion of 48 Avenue.

PSA compacting backfill
PSA compacting new backfill material behind the steel backwalls. The worker in the trench is standing roughly in the middle of the future roadway, but is still a few metres below the elevation of the new roadway. PSA equipment is standing by to place more backfill material into the trench. At the time that this photo was taken, two of the three sections of backwall had been placed in the trench. The top section will be installed just before the bridge girders are placed.

AMEC inspecting the steel backwalls
Inspectors from the City’s project engineer (AMEC Foster Wheeler) are inspecting a section of the recently installed steel backwalls. These corrugated steel sheets are installed on the outside of the abutment pilings, and will be used to prevent soil from under the future roadway from falling into Mirror Lake.

May 08

48th Avenue Bridge Replacement Update

Posted on May 8, 2018 at 11:58 AM by Melissa Henderson

May 8, 2018

On May 3, 2018 representatives from the City, PSA Construction, and AMEC Foster Wheeler met for an on-site meeting for the 48th Avenue Bridge Project. At this meeting, PSA updated the City on the work that has been completed on the bridge.

To date, all the pilings to support the new bridge structure have been installed on both the East and West side of the new bridge. PSA has also completed the installation of the pile cap on the east side of the new bridge. This pile cap sits on top of the abutment pilings, and will ultimately support the east side of the concrete bridge girders.

PSA also informed the City that the fabrication for the concrete bridge girders and the box culverts is now complete. The box culverts will be delivered to the site by mid- to late May, and the bridge girders will be delivered to the site in June. Subsequent to their delivery, the box culvert and girder installations will begin. Over the next few weeks, PSA will continue to work on the bridge abutments.

Over the past couple of weeks, the PSA crews have been hard at work removing loose organic material from the lake to allow for large rocks (called rip rap) to be installed to prevent erosion. However, due to the heavy spring runoff, progress on this stage of the project is going slower than expected. At this time, PSA anticipates that the project completion date may move into early September, rather than being finished at the end of August as originally planned. PSA is planning to make up for some of this lost time, including mobilizing additional equipment into the area to allow the work to progress faster.

This site meeting also included a discussion on the current traffic accommodation plan. Currently, the detour routes appear to be working quite well, and the City does not anticipate any major changes to the plan at this time.

The City would like to thank citizens for their patience and cooperation during this project. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Engineering Department at 780-672-4428 or at

2018-04-19 installation of pile cap
April 19 – PSA installs a section of the East pile cap on top of the pilings. The pile cap will support the concrete bridge girders and roadway. The West pile cap will be installed in late May or early June.

2018-05-02 PSA removing demolished bridge
May 2 – Demolished sections of the former 48th Avenue bridge are removed by PSA construction. These sections will be delivered to the City’s concrete recycling site where they will be crushed and reused on future projects.

2018-05-03 lego blocks
May 3 – PSA temporarily installing concrete “Lego blocks” within the channel of the new bridge. Once these were installed, the area between the Lego blocks and the East abutment was dewatered in preparation for the installation of the steel backwall pieces. The backwall will be installed on the outside of the abutment pilings and will prevent soil and the new roadway from falling into the lake.

2018-05-03 steel backwall
May 3 – Sections of the steel backwall, which will be installed shortly.