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Jun 25

Girder Installation

Posted on June 25, 2018 at 8:23 AM by Ashton Ford

Tuesday, June 19th, saw the first delivery and installation of the prefabricated bridge girders. In total, 30 girders were installed, spanning the entire width of the bridge structure which will serve as the base of the bridge’s roadway. This operation went very smoothly and was completed by the end of following day.

While the excitement has been focused on the girder installation, other important work resumed on the site such as the retaining wall construction adjacent to the Wild Rose Co-op staff parking lot (expected to be completed in the coming few days) and the build-up of the roadway base to the desired elevation.

The City would again, like to thank citizens for their patience and cooperation during this project. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Engineering Department at 780-672-4428 or at

This drawing is from the design plan of the bridge. It is a cross section, looking east along 48th avenue. In the image, one of the girders is highlighted in red. This image is to illustrate how the girders will form the base of the roadway once all are installed.


June 19 (around 8:00 a.m.) – This picture taken from the edge of the north trail, looking south-west. A truck has arrived on site with the first girder, and the crane prepares to move it.

June 19 (around 8:00 a.m.) – The girder is being carefully lined up to its final position across the span of the bridge.

June 20 – This picture taken from the south-west of the bridge, looking north-east. This image shows the progress made on the girders installation. The girders being installed here is the third from last.

June 20 – Closer photo of the second to last girder installation.