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Jun 29

48 Avenue Bridge Construction Update

Posted on June 29, 2018 at 2:37 PM by Ashton Ford

On Thursday June 28th, there was another on-site meeting between the City, AMEC, and PSA. The meeting had many updates, as much has happened on the bridge site since the last project meeting.

The past week has seen some windy days, and as a result, PSA has had to repair and replace some damaged road signs. Despite this, traffic remains a non-issue to the workers and the project.

Since the previous meeting, the storm sewer systems related to the new bridge and roadway has been installed, and the fill material between the pedestrian underpass and the east back wall has been placed. Along with this, much of the team continues to work on the newly installed bridge girders, securing them in place, and prepping them for roadway construction. Starting at the end of next week, PSA will start pouring concrete for the bridge approaches. On the east side, the retaining wall adjacent from the Wild Rose Co-op staff parking lot is nearly complete, and the handrails will be installed soon after its competition. Likewise, in the coming weeks, the handrails for the top of the north and south ends of the pedestrian walkway will be installed.

Once PSA has completed their earth work on the east side, the track hoes and workers will continue the same work on the west side. Border Paving will soon come on site to begin preparations for the roadway construction between the new bridge and 51 Street.

The City would like to inform everyone that starting in the next few days, the south exit from the Co-op gas bar onto 48 Avenue will be closed off. PSA predicts that the closure will be for the next 6-7 weeks. The City recognizes the inconvenience of this closure, and would like the thank Co-op patrons for their patience and understanding.

Similarly, the City would like to inform citizens that the existing crosswalk at 51 Street (across 48 Avenue) will be permanently removed within the next few weeks. As part of the scope of this project, this cross walk will no longer be available as citizens will ultimately be able to cross 48 Avenue using the new pedestrian underpass and the cross walk at 50 St.

To maintain progress, PSA noted that they plan to work on the Saturday of the upcoming long weekend. PSA is still predicting completion of this project in early September, and is working hard to keep the project on track.

The City would again, like to thank citizens for their patience and cooperation during this project. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Engineering Department at 780-672-4428 or at

June 25 - PSA continues work on the construction of a new retaining wall near the Wild Rose Co-op staff parking lot. Concrete was recently poured, and a worker is moistening the surface before covering the concrete with a wet fabric to assist with curing of the concrete.

June 28 - Looking at the individual bridge girders from the west section of 48 Avenue. The girders were fabricated with metal rebar sticking out from each end. This rebar will be bent horizontal and be incorporated into the concrete approaches on either side of the bridge.

June 28 - PSA workers filling in the joints between the individual bridge girders. Eventually, the entire deck will be covered with a waterproofing layer before construction of the new roadway over the bridge.

June 28 - PSA and AMEC inspecting work on the new bridge. All three individuals are standing within the area where an asphalt pedestrian trail will be installed. A similar trail will also be installed on the south side of 48 Avenue.

June 28 - Looking north across 48 Avenue to the south exit of the Wild Rose Co-op. Within the next few days, the Co-op exit will be completely closed to allow the contractor to raise the roadway to its new elevation.

June 28 - Looking east toward the existing stairs and pedestrian ramp at the south side of the 51 Street intersection. As part of this project, the stairs and ramp will be removed, as pedestrians will no longer be permitted to cross 48 Avenue at 51 Street.