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Jul 30

Another Update on the Bridge Construction

Posted on July 30, 2018 at 8:40 AM by Ashton Ford

July 26 was a busy day on the 48 Avenue construction site. Both a council/media tour took place, as well as another on-site meeting between AMEC, PSA and the City.

The tour consisted of members from the City Council, as well as a few representatives from the local news media. After a safety orientation, PSA and the City led the group through the project to see the various things being done on site. Keep an eye out in your local media for pictures and information from that tour.

Following the Council and media tour, the City participated in the scheduled construction meeting. During this meeting, PSA updated the City and AMEC on some of the work that has been recently completed, as well as PSA’s plans for the next two weeks. PSA has recently installed handrails on the retaining wall and the bridge structure. Many of the rails are in their final positions, and are waiting to be grouted. Along with the handrails, PSA continues to work on the earthwork in preparation for roadway construction. The side slope near the south entrance to the pedestrian walkway is nearly finished, and the roadway is just about ready to be handed off the Border Paving.

During the construction meeting, the City and PSA discussed the increase of traffic that is expected to happen with the upcoming Big Valley Jamboree music festival. The City expects this to have minimal direct impacts on the bridge site, as the majority of the traffic coming from the west tends to use Camrose Drive. Even knowing this, the City plans to put up more signage that is specific to the BVJ traffic, both as they funnel in throughout the week ,and as they all leave at the end of the festival. PSA said they did not expect to be working during that weekend, but will keep this information in mind in the event that their plans change.

The City would again, like to thank everyone for their patience and cooperation during this project. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Engineering Department at 780-672-4428 or at

July 24 – Pedestrian railing installed pedestrian on the new retaining wall located near the Wild Rose Co-op staff parking lot.

July 24 – PSA has recently completed grading of the roadway side slopes near the south entrance to the pedestrian underpass.

July 25 – PSA preparing to install handrails on the north entrance to the pedestrian underpass.

July 26 – Members of City Administration, City Council and the local news media inspecting the construction project.

July 26 – Members of City Administration, City Council and the local news media inspecting the construction project.

July 26 – PSA removing the silt curtain from the south side of the construction project. PSA has completed all work in Mirror Lake related to this project, and thus the curtains were no longer required.