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Sep 07

48 Avenue Bridge Progress Update

Posted on September 7, 2018 at 9:40 AM by Ashton Ford

On Thursday, September 6, PSA, AMEC, and the City had another on-site meeting. PSA updated the City on the construction progress. Since the previous meeting, the weather proofing on the bridge deck has been complete, and all the curbs have been installed.

PSA also gave a detailed update of the remaining tasks. By the end of this week, PSA will have poured the concrete median that goes across the bridge. The rest of the median along 48 Avenue will be constructed after the road paving is complete. Over the weekend, the prep work on the roadway will be completed, and the road paving will begin next week, starting on the east side of the project. PSA anticipates that both sides of the project should be paved within the next two weeks, weather permitting. After the roadway is paved, PSA will start installing the guardrails that will separate the road users from the pedestrians on either side of 48 Avenue. PSA will also start work on installing line markings on the roadway, as well as start work on the trail paving. Currently, PSA expects that these tasks will be complete by the end of September. PSA will start work on the new landscaping after all the road and trail work is complete. PSA anticipates that the landscaping will be complete by early to mid-October, as previously predicted.

Another task completed by PSA over the past two weeks is the installation of silt curtains along the edge of the roadway. This silt curtain is installed to keep loose clay and dirt from being washed into the lake. This curtain will remain in place until after the planted sod has established a strong root system. Given the current timing of the project, the silt fence will likely remain installed until next spring, at which point PSA will remove the curtains.

During the past two weeks, workers from the City removed the pedestrian crossing signal infrastructure at the 51 Street crossing of 48 Avenue. With the upcoming opening of the bridge and underpass, the City intends for users to use either the new pedestrian underpass or the existing crossing at 50 Street if they wish to cross 48 Avenue. “No pedestrian crossing” signage will be installed at 51 Street soon, and the City thanks everyone in advance for their assistance with using the new crossing locations.

The City would again, like to thank everyone for their patience and cooperation during this project. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Engineering Department at 780-672-4428 or at

Aug 24 – PSA’s concrete subcontractor starting to pour curbs along the north side of 48 Avenue near the Wild Rose Co-op property.

Sept 6 - Standing near the intersection of 53 Street and 48 Avenue, looking east toward the bridge and downtown. All curbs have now been installed.

Sept 6 - Looking west along the new westbound through lane at 53 Street. Signal light poles have been relocated to their final location and will be energized shortly.

Sept 6 - PSA has completed weatherproofing the new bridge deck, and is starting to frame the center median on the bridge that will separate the eastbound and westbound lanes of 48 Avenue. The remaining portions of the center median on either side of the bridge will be formed and poured after the roadway has been paved.

Sept 6 - Standing on the future westbound lanes of the bridge, looking northeast. The posts attached to the concrete will hold the future bridge rail which separates the westbound lanes of traffic from the pedestrians walking along the north 4-meter wide walkway.

Sept 6 - Fortis installing the bases for the new streetlight poles on the south side of 48 Avenue.