Posted on: June 16, 2017

City to move forward with revised Naturalization plan

The City of Camrose is working hard to become more environmentally friendly and fiscally responsible. Throughout the past few years, the City has been “naturalizing” certain sections of the city. However, after receiving a lot of feedback (both positive and negative), Council decided that a clearer definition of exactly where Naturalization will take place along Camrose Drive was needed.

After careful consideration and planning, a revised Naturalization plan has been developed with the following clarifications:

  • Camrose Drive (50 street to the bridge)
  • Leave the south side of the road as it is presently and plant trees as the budget allows.
  • Leave the north side of the road as it is presently with the exception of providing an approximate 18 foot wide mowed area between the fence and the naturalized area (top of the slope / berm) and widen the mowed area by the sidewalk.
  • Camrose Drive (from the bridge to Parkview Drive)
  • On the south side of the road mow from the fence to the walking trail and leave the remainder as naturalized.
  • Leave the north side naturalized as well and continue to mow the drainage ditch from the fence line to the top of the berm.
  • Camrose Drive/62 Street (from Parkview Drive to Enevold Drive)
  • Mow the north side of the road entirely (on both the road and the housing sides of the berm).
  • The south / west side of the road will be left naturalized with potential for future tree planting where there is no housing. An 18 foot wide buffer will be mowed where there are houses.

The areas that will remain naturalized will continue to receive attention when needed to help with weed control and cleaning. Any areas presently naturalized but being returned to being mowed will require a phased approach. We ask the public to be patient as the long grass is removed. 

As well, if anyone from the public notices and litter or damage to any green space, including naturalized areas, kindly inform the City of Camrose. 

Click here to view the map of Naturalized areas.
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