Posted on: September 6, 2017

Don't Let it Loose, Camrose!

Never release aquarium or domestic pond water, plants, dead or live animals into waterbodies. Common aquarium and pond plants and animals can become invasive when released in the wild, increasing competition for limited resources while potentially spreading disease to native species. 

  1. Invasive species can alter a habitat so drastically that it becomes uninhabitable for native populations. 
  2. Releasing fish or other aquatic species is illegal and can result in large fines, or even jail time! 
  3. Pour unwanted aquarium water over dry land and freeze aquarium plants before throwing them in the garbage. 
  4. Unwanted pets can be disposed of humanely by returning them to pet stores, donating to schools or community organizations or given away. 

For more information or to report invasive species, call 1 (855) 336-BOAT (2628)

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