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1. How is my assessment determined?
2. What is market value?
3. What specific date is my market value assessment based on?
4. Why does the City use this system to determine assessments?
5. Why do I pay property tax?
6. How are my property taxes determined?
7. How is the tax rate determined?
8. Why is there more than one tax rate on my Assessment and Taxation Notice?
9. Have property taxes in Camrose changed for 2018?
10. Have education property taxes increased?
11. Have lodge authority property taxes increased?
12. What is the overall tax increase to a typical home owner?
13. Why is my total tax change different than the 3% mentioned above?
14. What is the overall impact to a typical property owner after all these changes?
15. I’ve been hearing about tax shift negatively impacting certain non-residential property types. What does that mean?
16. Why are property taxes lower in another municipality?
17. Why does my neighbor pay less property tax than I do?
18. Can I pay my property taxes in monthly installments?
19. What should I do if I feel my assessment or other information on my assessment and tax notice is incorrect?