Mar 16

Road Closure Set to Begin Monday March 26th

Posted on March 16, 2018 at 4:27 PM by Kirsten Freeborn

On Friday, March 16, 2018, the City met with AMEC and PSA to review the upcoming work for Phase 2 of the 48 Avenue Bridge Replacement project.  As a result of this meeting, the City has learned that there will be a minor delay to the start of PSA’s construction schedule.  Rather than mobilizing to Camrose on Monday, March 19th, PSA will now be mobilizing to site two days later (Wednesday, March 21st) to start setting up signage for the various  detour routes.  All signage should be in place before the end of the week (Friday, March 23rd), although the road closures for 48 Avenue will not start until Monday, March 26th

At the same time, City crews will be working next week to install additional signs for the parking restrictions along 50 Street (between 48 Avenue and 47 Avenue, southbound lanes only), as well as along 47 Avenue (between 53 Street and 50 Street, south side of the street only).  City crews will also be installing new 4-way stop signs at the intersections of 53 Street & 47 Avenue, as well as at 50 Street and 47 Avenue.  These new signs should also be in place prior to the end of next week (Friday, March 23rd).  These new signs will remain in place over that weekend (March 24th to March 25th) to allow drivers to adjust to the new conditions, prior to the 48 Avenue closures being imposed on Monday, March 26th.  The exact time when the road closure will begin on 48 Avenue is not known, although the closure will like start in mid-morning (~10am).

The City, PSA and AMEC will be monitoring traffic very closely during the first few days and weeks after the 48 Avenue road closure is in place.  This monitoring will happen throughout the City, and particularly along the key bypass routes and at key intersections.  As the public adjusts their driving habits around the 48 Avenue closure, the City will work with PSA and AMEC to determine if any further changes are needed to the City’s traffic network (i.e. additional parking restrictions, 4-way stops, changes to signals, etc.).  After observing conditions for ~2 weeks, the City may make additional changes to improve safety and/or traffic flow throughout the City.

The City would like to thank everyone in advance for your patience and understanding during this time.

Mar 13

Road Closure Coming Soon for the 48 Avenue Bridge Project

Posted on March 13, 2018 at 3:10 PM by Website Administrator

The construction schedule for Phase 2 of the 48 Avenue Bridge Replacement project has now been finalized, and final preparations are in place for work to begin. 

The City’s contractor (PSA Construction Inc.) is intending to bring their equipment and supplies back into Camrose on March 19th.  Starting on March 19th, PSA will set up detour route signage and road closure barricades that will be used over the duration of the project. 

PSA anticipates that it will take one to two days to set up all of the necessary detour route signage.  Sometime on or around March 20th or 21st, 48 Avenue will be closed to all pedestrian and vehicular traffic between 53 Street and 51 Street.  The road closure and detours will be in place until the end of the project in late August 2018.

With the closure of 48 Avenue between mid-March and late-August, all vehicular and pedestrian traffic will need to find alternate routes around the area.  Vehicular traffic will be generally directed to other major roadways within the City.  Lower volume roadways throughout the City are also expected to see an increase in traffic during the period when 48 Avenue is closed, with those local roadways that are located closer to the closure being expected to see a greater increase in traffic.  Non-local traffic will be largely directed to use 68 Street and Camrose Drive, although some non-local traffic is likely to use the remaining routes through the City.

Pedestrians are asked to completely avoid the area.  If you are needing to walk between downtown and the areas to the west, please use either the remaining walking bridge across Mirror Lake (between 48A Avenue and the Bill Fowler Centre, northwest of the construction area) or the sidewalks along 47 Avenue (south of the construction area).  Pedestrians needing to cross 48 Avenue are encouraged to use either the crossing at the 56 Street flashing lights, or the crossing at the 50 Street signals.  Crossing at 53 Street or at 51 Street will likely be banned for some or all of the period during construction.

The City and PSA would like to thank you ahead of time for your understanding and patience during this process. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to direct them to the Engineering department at 780-672-4428 or at

Please refer to the following maps for the recommended detour routes around the construction site.  (Click on the graphic for a larger version of the map.)

Picture 1Picture 2Picture 3Pedestrians are encouraged to use the walking bridge across Mirror Lake (northwest of the construction area) or the sidewalks along 47 Avenue (south of the construction area).  To cross 48 Avenue, please use the existing flashers located at 56 Street, or the existing signals at 50 Street.

Feb 26

Phase 2 of the 48 Avenue Bridge Project about to begin

Posted on February 26, 2018 at 12:25 PM by Website Administrator

After a brief shutdown over the winter months, preparations are currently underway for the remaining work on the 48 Avenue Bridge Replacement Project to begin.

On February 19th, representatives from the City, PSA and AMEC Foster Wheeler (the City’s consultant) participated in two separate pre-fabrication meetings in the Red Deer / Blackfalds area.  The purpose of these meetings was to review the specifications and the approved shop drawings for the girders and box culverts, in order to ensure that the products being delivered to Camrose are the best possible quality.  The City and AMEC representatives left both meetings satisfied that the fabricators will do a good job.  To ensure a high quality product, AMEC inspectors will be on-site on a regular basis to inspect the pieces before and after concrete is poured.  Also, AMEC will conduct a final inspection of all completed concrete pieces before they are shipped to Camrose.

In addition to the pre-fabrication meetings, we have been discussing the likely construction schedule for the upcoming work with PSA and AMEC.  PSA will deliver a detailed schedule shortly, at which time we will be able to provide more information to the public.  (PSA has indicated that they likely will resume work on this project in mid- to late-March 2018.)

Additionally, PSA recently provided us with a draft traffic accommodation plan, showing how vehicles and pedestrians will be re-routed around the construction site over the coming months.  We are currently reviewing that draft plan, and expects to have a final plan to be shared with everyone within the next few weeks.

If you have any specific questions or concerns on this project, feel free to contact our Engineering Department at or at 780.672.4428.

Below are a few photos from the February 19th pre-fabrication inspection for the concrete box culverts.  Note:  No photos are provided for the fabrication of the bridge girders, as this work has not yet begun.

inspecting rebar frames
AMEC and PSA staff inspecting the rebar frames of two of the box culvert pieces that will be used for this project. The far piece is a full box, and is typical of the box culvert piece that will be installed under the new 48 Avenue roadway. The near piece will be part of the ends of the pedestrian underpass, and will have no roof. Both pieces are currently sitting on one of their open ends. Once the concrete has been poured and set, the pieces will be rotated onto their bases. (Note: The photo was taken before the exterior support walls were in place, so that rebar could be inspected and measured. Framing of the exterior support walls occurred following the inspections, and concrete for the two culvert pieces was poured early the following week.)

measuring thickness of rebar
AMEC inspector measuring the thickness and the placement of the rebar to ensure compliance with approved “shop” drawings.

pedestrian underpass concept
Conceptual drawing showing the dimensions of the pedestrian underpass under the new roadway