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1. What size will my cart be?
2. Are the carts easy to move around?
3. Do I need to buy these carts?
4. What is my collection frequency? What day of the week will my carts are emptied?
5. How much will this cost?
6. Where will I store my carts?
7. How do I ensure my carts get collected?
8. What happens if I have too much compost/yard waste?
9. What happens if I have too much waste?
10. What happens if I have collection in the back and the alley is too narrow?
11. Does the automated waste system eliminate jobs?
12. Do I have to take the compost cart even if I won't use it?
13. What happens if my waste isn't picked up?
14. Do I have to bag my compost?
15. Is cardboard accepted in the Organics Cart?
16. What's my collection day for my compostable materials?
17. What's my collection day for my regular waste collection?
18. What do I have to do to have my compostables collected?
19. Can I use plastic garbage bags if I label them "yard waste"?
20. How much are compostable bags and where can I get them?
21. Why do I have to pay the compostables collection fee all year round when collection is biweekly in the winter?
22. Why do I pay a recycling fee on my utility bill when I don't recycle?