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1. What size will my cart be?
2. Are the carts easy to move around?
3. Do I need to buy these carts?
4. What is my collection frequency? What day of the week will my carts are emptied?
5. How much will this cost?
6. Where will I store my carts?
7. How do I ensure my carts get collected?
8. What happens if I have too much compost/yard waste?
9. What happens if I have too much waste?
10. What happens if I have collection in the back and the alley is too narrow?
11. Does the automated waste system eliminate jobs?
12. Do I have to take the compost cart even if I won't use it?
13. What happens if my waste isn't picked up?
14. Do I have to bag my compost?
15. Is cardboard accepted in the Organics Cart?