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Do your part to protect the environment by recycling!
  • Please ensure that all items are clean, dry, and free of food or other contamination.
  • Please do not put plastic bags, twine, or string in collection bins.
  • You may wish to flatten items to conserve space.

A monthly recycling fee is applied to each utility bill in Camrose.

All materials collected will be transferred to other locations for processing. Recycling with Centra Cam is able to resell only selected materials, so please be diligent to determine which items are recycled in Camrose.

For information about items collected, how to prepare materials for recycling, and locations please check:


The "Recycle with Centra Cam" Collection Depot is run by Centra Cam at 4402-51 ave. under a contract with the City of Camrose. The facility is open for most drop-off's 24 hours per day. Please click here for instructions and items accepted at Centra Cam for Recycle Collection.  For more information, please call (780) 679-4196 or email us.

Recycled Materials
The table below provides information on how much materials are being recycled in the Camrose Depot.

Item Quantity Recycled
in Kilograms






Paper and Cardboard 1,650,360 1,739,540  2,017,907  1,854,770 1,730,920
Glass 35,000 45,130 82,136 38,000 39,000
Tin Cans 30,420 42,500 33,480 27,763 44,688
Plastics 25,370 12,930 29,640 55,353 Nothing shipped*
E-Waste 118,460 119,823 146,550 151,810 145,350
Total 1,859,610 1,959,923 2,309,713 2,127,696 1,959,958

*quantities are of items that have been shipped - NOT what was brought into the centre.

ICI Study
The City of Camrose had a local consultant work on a commercial, industrial, institutional (ICI) waste reduction strategy which includes diversion/reduction goals and a public education plan recommendation.

To read the ICI Study please see the following link: ICI Study

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