Camrose Flood Hazard Study

Posted On Wednesday August 07, 2019

In mid-2018, the Province of Alberta contacted City Administration to advise that they were hoping to undertake a study related to flood risk mapping in 2019/2020. In early 2019, the Province contacted the City once again to advise that this project had received funding, and that the Province had recently awarded this study to Northwest Hydraulic Consultants Ltd. 


The current study will provide flood mapping data for thirteen different sized floods, ranging between the 2-year flood event (i.e. a minor flood that would happen on average every two years) and the 1000-year flood event (i.e. a very rare flood that would only happen in extreme circumstances). The prior 1994 study only provided flood mapping information for flood events up to the 100-year flood event. Additionally, the current study will provide flood inundation maps for the City for each of the thirteen levels of floods. The City can use the flood inundation maps to prepare for future emergencies, as well as to decide how private and public infrastructure may be affected during these flood events. Administration expects that the flood hazard mapping information will further assist with determining what type of development the City can / should permit near Camrose Creek.