Aquatic Centre Renovation Update

Posted On Tuesday March 19, 2019

As Clark Builders began interior renovations, they discovered a significant amount of decay in the wooden roof structure of the existing pool, particularly in areas that were previously hidden within walls. As the work continued over the last five months, the consultants and engineers were able to quantify their findings and develop a proposal to tackle the repairs. The full report to council can be viewed here.

This revised plan will extend the project by approximately eight months, putting the completion date to around August 2020, and will cost an additional $6.3 million, bringing the total project cost to $24 million. Additional funding has been secured without requiring an increase to taxes; however, we will need to reduce or delay some planned capital projects in the future.

Although this has been a disappointing outcome for everyone involved, the result will be a better product for the long-term sustainability of the facility. As well, the architects and consultants have assured us that this route will still be cheaper than it would have been had we decide to demolish / rebuild and that we will end up with a “like-new” building.

As always, we will continue to provide updates as soon as we have them.