City of Camrose and Camrose County Announce Two Important Shared Service Agreements Have Been Passed

Posted On Thursday March 11, 2021

The City of Camrose and Camrose County are pleased to announce the passing of two important shared service agreements. At the City’s March 1, 2021 Regular Meeting of Council and the March 9, 2021 Camrose County Council Meeting, each council passed motions to approve the cost sharing agreements for Fire Service and Recreation.

“These are two very important services to all our residents and we are very happy to have these important cost sharing agreements in place so we can continue to provide excellent services to the region,” City of Camrose Mayor Norman Mayer stated.

The Camrose County/City of Camrose - Joint Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Committee, along with the respective Councils, has been working on drafting an Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework that will outline cost sharing on services that benefit both City and County residents. The Fire Services Agreement and Recreation Agreement were the last two agreements to be negotiated and finalized.

“We are pleased the fire and recreation agreements have been passed by both councils. Having fair and equitable agreements is the foundation for fostering good relationships with our municipal neighbors,” Camrose County Reeve Cindy Trautman stated.

Both agreements have a five-year term and allow citizens in both municipalities equal access to fire and recreation services. The Fire Services agreement is on the same terms as previous fire agreements with no increase in cost to the County. The Recreation Agreement is a flat fee arrangement of $450,000 from the County towards the City’s provision of recreation services, to be adjusted annually for CPI up to a maximum of 2% increase per year.

“Both the City and County council representatives and administrative staff members have worked to draft agreements that offer budget predictability and financial stability to both parties for the length of the agreements.” Reeve Trautman stated.

With the acceptance of these last two agreements, both City and Council Councils will be bringing the finalized Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Agreement to their next Council meetings.

Mayor Mayer commented, “Camrose Council and its administration are pleased to have worked with the County’s representatives to make sure we continue to have a mutually beneficial partnership in the Camrose region.”

Reeve Trautman echoed the sentiment. “Camrose County had 15 ICF agreements to sign with municipalities within or surrounding Camrose County, the City/County Intermunicipal Collaborative Framework Agreement is the last of these ICFs and we are happy to have it completed prior to the deadline avoiding costly arbitration for both municipalities.”

For further information contact:

City of Camrose
Kim Isaak
Deputy City Manager
P. 780.678.3027

Camrose County
Teresa Gratrix
Corporate Services Manager
P. 587.769.0370