Aquatic Center Roof Structure Concerns

Posted On Thursday November 15, 2018

During the early planning stages of the Pool Expansion and Renovation project, the Architect / Engineers responsible for the design performed a visual inspection of the building and determined that it was in reasonably good condition besides needing some minor roof repairs. A hazardous material assessment was also performed and indicated that there was some lead paint and asbestos in certain areas but the removal of this was budgeted.

However during the interior demolition phase, Clark Builders discovered that some of the previously hidden structural steel brackets and wooden roof beams had deteriorated. They also discovered additional areas where hazardous materials would need to be addressed. These findings have resulted in the need for further inspection, testing, and repair work.

At this point, the schedule and cost impacts are unknown until further inspection. Council called a Special Meeting on November 14, 2018 to approve an additional $500,000 of contingency funds to ensure there is enough approved budget to take care of the testing and temporary structural support. Fortunately, initial test results show the main concerns are two specific metal support brackets and one wooden beam. Approximately 2/3 of the beams and supports have already been tested.

Presently all exterior work is on schedule and steel structure installation has begun. However, the exterior work timeline will be dependent on the findings of the interior studies.