Key Economic Indicators

  • Population - 18,772 (2021)
  • Population Growth - 8.4% (2012-2016)
  • Labour Force - 9,245 (2021)
  • Average Total Household Income - $92,300 (2021)
  • Current Major Projects - Over $100 million
  • Business Licenses - 1,050 
  • Residential Building Permits (new builds) - 58 (2022)
  • Total Building Permits - $33,973,032 (2022) 
  • Vacant Land - 1,110,000 ft2
  • Available Business Space - 353,536 ft2 (by 2041)
  • Taxes - Province has lowest combined taxes in Canada



Excellent transportation network ideally located for market access. Close to International Airports in Edmonton and Calgary. Daily CN and CP rail service with interchange. 24-hour truck service via high load corridor, major highways 13, 21, 26 and secondary roads.

Great Business Climate

Camrose is a great place to operate a business. We have:

  • A skilled, well-educated workforce and business-friendly City Hall.
  • A low effective tax rate and land and building cost index lower than most other centres.
  • Businesses and entrepreneurs who are supported by the Camrose Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Camrose Business Improvement Area and numerous other business support groups.
  • 43% faster development permit times than our competitors.


Recent large investments in new developments in commercial and residential properties mean now is the time to get into the Camrose market. We have a large supply of industrial land that can suit any size of development. 

Low rental and lease rates. Very competitive land prices and construction costs. Invest in Camrose today.

Investment Incentives

See Invest Alberta for the Alberta Advantage!


Employers attract staff with the skills and work attitudes required for a profitable business. Ample Labour Supply – Draw from approx. 24,000 citizens (regionally) to find skilled and educated employees Strong Work Ethic - Workforce is traditionally non-transient with high work integrity.

University of Alberta, Augustana Campus

The University of Alberta is one of the top five universities in Canada. Augustana students have access to over $400,000 in Augustana-specific scholarships and awards.

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