Anyone 18 years or older can consume cannabis. They are also allowed to have up to 30g of cannabis on them.

Cannabis can be consumed:

  • On residential private property
  • In designated smoking areas

Cannabis cannot be consumed:

  • Within 10 metres of parks, playgrounds, trails
  • Within 5 metres of any public building
  • In a motorized vehicle

Please view our Smoke Free Bylaw for more information.


In order to operate Retail Store or a Cannabis Production Facility, a Development Permit and Business License are required.

Retail Store

A Retail Store may only be located in the following Land Use Districts (Zones):

  • C1 – Central / Downtown Commercial Land Use District
  • C2 – Highway Commercial Land Use District
  • M1 – General Industrial District

All store locations are required to be at least 100 metres away from all schools and public health facilities. Any store in the M1 zone must be located a minimum of 50 meters from any residential use or residential zoned property.

Cannabis Production Facility

A Cannabis Production Facility includes the growing, processing, packaging, testing, destruction or storage of cannabis. It may only be located in the following Land Use Districts (Zones):

  • M1 – General Industrial District
  • M2 – Heavy Industrial District
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