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2024 Major Construction Projects

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Municipal Development Plan (MDP)

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Rudy Swanson Park North Reservoir Roof Replacement

Project Update - May 6, 2024

The contractor, Vector, continues to remove the old structure from above the north water reservoir, including the sport court surface and gravel, insulation, and old waterproofing membrane. The City and our consultant, Associated Engineering, will be on site this week to complete a detailed review of the concrete roof structure of the reservoir to determine if any additional concrete repairs are needed. If not, then Vector will be given the green light to start installing the new waterproofing membrane. Installation of the new insulation and roof structure over the membrane will follow.

Unfortunately, site inspections have revealed that additional trees will need to be removed as they are too close to the work area around the reservoir. These trees will be removed this week. The City and Associated Engineering will develop a plan to re-landscape the area with appropriate, low-maintenance plantings, which will be installed after the remaining construction work is complete.

Project Details
The City of Camrose is replacing the structure on top of an existing drinking water reservoir, located within Rudy Swanson Park. The existing reservoir was constructed in 1983. The roof structure (including waterproofing membrane) is original to the facility, and is approaching the end of its useful life. This project will include the removal of the existing roof structure and membrane, and the installation of a new membrane, insulation and roof structure. The project will help protect the City’s treated drinking water supply from potential contamination.

Area Impacted
Construction will take place on the north treated water reservoir, located within the Rudy Swanson Recreational Park, south of 44 Avenue and west of 55 Street.

Tentative Schedule

  • April 8, 2024 – April 20, 2024 – Tree pruning and limited tree removal; install protection measures around remaining trees.
  • April 20, 2024 – Mid-May 2024 – Removal of existing roof structure, including basketball hoops, fencing, lighting, etc.
  • Mid-May 2024 – Mid-July 2024 – Installation of new waterproofing, insulation and roof structure.
  • Mid-July 2024 – Early August 2024 – New chain link fence installation; remove tree protection; reinstate landscaping including sod placement.

Vector Construction

What to Expect

Construction Hours and Noise

  • Increased construction traffic and construction noise is anticipated for the duration of the project.
  • Construction activities are generally planned to be from 7:00am to 5:00pm, with the contractor generally working on a schedule of 10 days on and 4 days off (working every second weekend) until the project is complete. The contractor will ensure that no construction activities will happen between 11:00pm and 7:00am, in accordance with the City’s Nuisance Abatement Bylaw.

For more information, please contact our Engineering Department at 780.672.4428 or at engineer@camrose.ca.

Stoney Creek Sinkhole / Storm Sewer Repair

Project Details
In summer 2023, the City of Camrose observed a sink hole developing on the surface above an existing storm sewer within the Stoney Creek ravine slope. Upon further investigation, the storm pipe had suffered a structural failure. The City engaged a contractor to remove the failed pipe and replace with new pipe.

The project involved the excavation, removal and replacement of 130m of storm pipe and three manholes within the Camrose Creek ravine slope.

Area Impacted
Construction happened within the Stoney Creek ravine south of 39 Avenue and east of Parkview Drive.

Proposed Start Date / End Date
The main construction work was completed in the fall of 2023.
(Final restoration work, including trail repaving, will be completed in Spring 2024.)

For more information, please contact our Engineering Department at 780.672.4428 or at engineer@camrose.ca.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

View more information about the Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade.

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