Pruning of Elm Trees is restricted from April 1 to September 30 every year. This precaution is crucial as pruning releases a scent that attracts the Elm bark beetle, a carrier of the fungi responsible for Dutch Elm Disease (DED). DED can devastate a tree within just three weeks. Recognizable symptoms, such as wilting, curling, yellowing, and browning of leaves (known as flagging), typically manifest in late June. It's imperative to note that DED can affect one or more branches within the tree canopy.

To monitor the presence of the Elm bark beetle, the City of Camrose employs Elm bark beetle traps. Additionally, homeowners can play a crucial role by refraining from storing or transporting Elm wood. Proper disposal methods for Elm wood include taking it to a landfill, burying it, burning it, or removing its bark. Your cooperation in these measures is greatly appreciated to safeguard our Elm trees from the threat of Dutch Elm Disease.

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