The City of Camrose is currently NOT under a fire ban.

The Camrose Fire Department prides itself on being a team oriented organization that works diligently towards fire prevention, protection of life and property and the mitigation of all emergency incidents in the City of Camrose and the County of Camrose for over 100 years.

The Camrose Fire Department is a “hybrid” combination department which incorporates full time members and volunteer/casual members that make up the workforce of the fire department. There are three operational fire crews which are dispatched out on a rotational basis for emergency calls, except when there is a structure fire where all crews are dispatched to respond.

Types of Service

Fire Prevention & Education

Educating the public in matters of fire safety is considered to be the key to fire prevention. Our primary responsibility is to develop and implement programs that will increase public awareness of fire prevention and safety.

A fire safety guide is developed and distributed to K-6 students in Camrose schools. A contest is held annually with winners selected from different grade levels. This program has proved to be worthwhile as there have been several incidents where children used what they learned from the program to save lives.


Code Enforcement

The Fire Inspector/Investigator is responsible for enforcement of the fire codes and regulations. Other responsibilities include investigating complaints, answering questions from the public, and assisting the Fire Education section with requests for fire safety training when necessary.


Fire Investigation

The Fire Inspector/Investigator and Captains are responsible for fire investigation. A large percent of their investigative work involves determining the causes of structure fires. They also prepare investigative reports and testify in court regarding investigative procedures and findings.

Recruitment and Training

Fire training to our firefighters include in-house training that is conducted weekly throughout the year and certified training through Fire ETC - Lakeland College. We take pride in our training to ensure that we provide the utmost professional and quality emergency service to the City of Camrose and area.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter, check out the recruitment information links below:

Meet our Team

Fire Chief Peter Krich

Deputy Fire Chief Joe Mah



Captain Carmen Brausen


Captain Calvin Erickson


Captain Randy Haugen
(Fire Inspection & Investigation)

Captain Greg Jonson


Captain Jeff Knopf
(Fire and Life Safety Educator)

Captain Ben Paulson


Captain Warren Rosland


Captain Rick Stang



Lieutenant Paul Gibson


Lieutenant Bob Jonson

Lieutenant Rob Olson

Lieutenant George Parnall


Lieutenant Nathan Yampolsky







Firefighter Jason Albert


Firefighter Maven Boddy

Firefighter Aldon Campbell

Firefighter Morgan Caudron


Firefighter Len Chartrand

Firefighter Steve Clarke

Firefighter Randy Degenstein


Firefighter Cory Erickson

Firefighter Hermanus Germushuysen

Firefighter Tim Guenther


Firefighter Sean Johnston

Firefighter Kevin Malica

Firefighter Duncan McDougall


Firefighter Cole Olesen

Firefighter Richard Pattullo

Firefighter Han Fretzie Punay

Firefighter Nic Sampson

Firefighter Riley Sexton

Firefighter Gary Smith

Firefighter Scott Smith

Firefighter Dale Stinson

Firefighter Patrick St. Dennis












Support Staff

Fire Chaplain Ed Lehman


Fire Photographer Sean Mascaluk

Fire Hall Admin Melissa Martz


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