We have reconfigured our process and our plot plans to allow for more physical distancing in order to open our community gardens this year. As such, please note the following:

  • - You will be assigned a plot
  • - Users must use their own water containers. Watering hoses are not allowed. 
  • - Users should bring (and take away) their own gloves, hand sanitizer, and water jugs to protect against the spread of COVID-19
  • - Plots can only be purchased by calling the Community Services Department at 780.672.9195 and talking to staff. Leaving a message on the answering machine will not get you a plot.
  • - Payment is only by credit card, so please have it with you when you call

Plot Details

  • Plots are located along Parkview Drive with some additional plots added at the Northwest corner of 55 Avenue and 47 Street.
  • Cost per plot - $45.00 (limit of ONE plot per person/family)
  • Size of Plot – 6.1m (20’) x 6.1m (20’)
  • Plots will go on sale May 12, 2021 and will not officially be ready until May 15 & 16, 2021.


  • Practice physical distancing!
  • Do not lend equipment to the other gardeners.  Everyone is to bring their own tools.  There is no storage provided and the City is not responsible for anything left on site
  • Branches from trees around gardens are not to be used for row marking.  Please bring your own stakes.
  • Planting Cannabis is prohibited.
  • Please garden organically (i.e. no chemical fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides or herbicides.)
  • Only purchased products (i.e. peat moss, soil) may be used in the gardens.  Please do not use grass clippings, mulch or any other material.
  • Gardens must be kept weed free.  Plots must be completely clean by October 1.  This includes stakes, string, plant material and debris.  There will be a further charge for anyone leaving their garden area uncleaned.
  • You are responsible for cleaning up your plant material and garbage.  Please take it home with you.
  • Do not extend your garden plot beyond original boundaries.
  • Please have children refrain from climbing or playing in trees.
  • Absolutely no dogs are allowed in the garden area.
  • Please respect other people’s gardens and do not enter or pick produce from any other than your own plot.
  • Water will be available
  • Plot will not be held or reserved and you are not guaranteed the same plot if participating more than one year.
  • The City is not responsible for unsatisfactory conditions (inclement weather, gophers, deer, potato beetles, etc.) and the occurrence of any such conditions does not release you from the obligation of complete clean up by October 1.


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