The Camrose Golf Course was established in 1922 and is an 18-hole public course that offers all amenities required by both the recreational golfer and the golfer seeking additional challenges to their game. 

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Pro Shop

The Camrose Golf Course offers a fully stocked Pro Shop. Whether you need a new set of irons, a sleeve of the latest balls, or a new grip on your club, the Pro Shop caters to the equipment needs of all golfers - experts and beginners alike.


Local Rules

  • RCGA rules govern all play except where modified by local rules
  • Out of Bounds - All white stakes and perimeter fencing
  • Water Hazard - Yellow stakes
  • Lateral Water Hazard - Red stakes
  • Staked Trees - Green stakes: Free drop - from the nearest point of relief, within one club length of where it lies, no closer to the hole, no penalty
  • Screens on Hole 12 and All Fences: They are objects defining out-of-bounds, therefore there is no relief from these structures
  • Water Hazard Hole Four: If the ball is lost in the hazard, the player may, under penalty of one stroke, play another ball from either the
    • spot the original ball was played, or
    • designated drop area - follow signage to that area

Golf Course Regulations

  • Golfers must vacate the course at the sound of storm warning air horn
  • Faster groups must play through
  • Power carts must be kept 30 feet from greens and drivers must obey all directional signs and ropes
  • Each golfer must have own clubs
  • Golf professional staff have authority for flow of play
  • People stopping for lunch or snacks between nines lose priority on the tenth tee
  • No one may start on the tenth tee without permission from the Pro Shop
  • Disks in the centre of the fairway mark the distance
  • Dress code and soft spikes are in effect
  • For safety reasons, non-golfing children under the age of twelve are not permitted on the playing area of the golf course

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