The Camrose Golf Course was established in 1922 and is an 18-hole public course that offers all amenities required by both the recreational golfer and the golfer seeking additional challenges to their game.

Important Update Regarding COVID-19 Restrictions

Welcome to another year of GOLF! Things around the golf course will be quite a bit different this year but this is something you must familiarize yourself with if you want to golf.

  • STAY HOME – If you have travelled in the last 14 days.
  • STAY HOME – If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.
  • STAY HOME – If someone in your household has COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Please arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to your tee time. Wait in your vehicle until 15 minutes before your time.
  • Do not congregate before or after your round.
  • We will be doing a check-in for tee times at the Pro Shop entrance one person at a time. Maintain social distancing by staying on the designated line.
  • NO WALK ONS! YOU MUST HAVE A TEE TIME. Staff will turn you away if you just show up looking to get out.
  • Washrooms on the course will be open. Washrooms in the clubhouse will be open - one person at a time.
  • One person per power cart (unless from the same household). We are limited to the number of power carts so expect to walk if you can. Pull carts will be free to use until further notice.
  • The Putting green will be for the group that is ‘on-deck’ only. Maximum of 4 golfers at a time on the putting green.
  • The Practice Hole [old #9] is for practice by appointment only. Call the Pro Shop at 780.672.2691 for more details.
  • Proceed to the tee only when the group ahead of you have left. Do not bunch up on the next teeing area. Only one group per teeing area.
  • Do not touch any piece of your playing partners equipment (ball, club, towel, tees, headcover, etc.)
  • There will be
    • No sand and seed bottles.
    • No rakes in sand traps (use your foot to tidy up the sand trap after hitting. Better yet, don’t hit your ball into a sand trap).
    • No pencils and score cards.
    • No ball washers or benches on course.
    • No shaking hands before or after your round.
    • No food services will be available at this time.
    • No playing through. Please keep up to the group in front of you.
    • Always leave the pin in – do not touch the pin.
  • After your round, please dispose of any trash you may have in the nearby receptacles and return power carts to the paved area by the hitting nets and pull carts to the grass area by the kiosk.
  • Go straight to your vehicle and leave the golf course. Please leave immediately after your round.
  • Remember to practice physical distancing and keep at least 6 feet/2 metres from others.

The Government of Alberta has given the golf industry the green light to operate and it is absolutely essential that all members and guests take these policies and procedures seriously.

Book a Tee Time

Book a Tee Time with Tee-On

Or call the Clubhouse at 780.672.2691 to book a Tee Time.

2021 Fees

Green Fees
  • 9 Holes Weekday - $31.00/round
  • 9 Holes Weekend and Statutory Holidays - $35.00/round

  • 18 Holes Weekday - $42.00/round
  • 18 Holes Weekend and Statutory Holidays - $48.00/round

  • Junior & Intermediate Student* Weekend & Statutory Holidays - 9 Holes - $18.00/round

  • Junior & Intermediate Student* Weekend & Statutory Holidays - 18 Holes - $24.00/round

  • Junior & Intermediate Student Weekday until 4:00 p.m. - 9 Holes - $16.00/round

  • Junior & Intermediate Student* Weekday until 4:00 p.m. - 18 Holes - $20.00/round

*Junior & Intermediate Student is any youth 18 years of age or under or a student with proper Identification up to 24 years of age.

  • 9 Holes “Six Pack” - $175.00 for 6 rounds

  • 18 Holes “Six Pack” - $240.00 for 6 rounds


Full Pass Holder

  • Adult (age 19-54) - $1,236.00
  • Adult Couple - $2,060.00
  • Senior (age 55-64) - $1,080.00
  • Senior Couple - $1,805.00
  • Super Senior (age 65+) - $1,030.00
  • Super Senior Couple - $1,715.00
  • Student (age 19-25 with valid Student ID card) - $300.00
  • Junior (age 18 or younger) - $300.00**
  • Family - $2,164.00


Weekday Pass Holder*

  • Adult (age 19-54) - $824.00
  • Adult 9-Hole - $772.00
  • Adult Couple - $1,545.00
  • Adult Couple 9-Hole - $1,340.00
  • Senior (age 55-64) - $720.00
  • Senior 9-Hole - $675.00
  • Senior Couple - $1,345.00
  • Senior Couple 9-Hole - $1,164.00
  • Super Senior (age 65+) - $690.00
  • Super Senior 9-Hole - $644.00
  • Super Senior Couple - $1,288.00
  • Super Senior Couple 9-Hole - $1,118.00


*Weekday passes do not include weekday statutory holidays and do not permit tee times between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm.

**Juniors can book weekdays and can only book after 2:00 pm on weekends and statutory holidays.

Power Carts
  • 9 Holes - $20.00/round

  • 18 Holes - $33.00/round
  • Pull Cart - $110.00 seasonal
  • Season 1 Seats - $400.00/season
  • Season 2 Seats - $800.00/season
  • Season Personal Cart Use - $300.00/season


Due to COVID-19, no facility rentals are available at this time.
  • Club Storage - $110.00 seasonal
  • 1/2 Locker - $20.00 seasonal
  • Full Locker - $40.00 seasonal
Due to COVID-19, no Tournaments will be held until further notice.

Pro Shop

We have opened the pro shop to a maximum of 2 patrons at a time. People must enter the main pro shop entrance on the east side of the building. To exit, they will leave through the hallway on the west side of the pro shop and then exit the building via the north door. There is hand sanitizer as you walk in the door and a sneeze guard barrier on the counter to protect the customer and our staff.


Local Rules

  • RCGA rules govern all play except where modified by local rules
  • Out of Bounds - All white stakes and perimeter fencing
  • Water Hazard - Yellow stakes
  • Lateral Water Hazard - Red stakes
  • Staked Trees - Green stakes: Free drop - from the nearest point of relief, within one club length of where it lies, no closer to the hole, no penalty
  • Screens on Hole 12 and All Fences: They are objects defining out-of-bounds, therefore there is no relief from these structures
  • Water Hazard Hole Four: If the ball is lost in the hazard, the player may, under penalty of one stroke, play another ball from either the
    • spot the original ball was played, or
    • designated drop area - follow signage to that area

Golf Course Regulations

  • Golfers must vacate the course at the sound of storm warning air horn
  • Faster groups must play through
  • Power carts must be kept 30 feet from greens and drivers must obey all directional signs and ropes
  • Each golfer must have own clubs
  • Golf professional staff have authority for flow of play
  • People stopping for lunch or snacks between nines lose priority on the tenth tee
  • No one may start on the tenth tee without permission from the Pro Shop
  • Disks in the centre of the fairway mark the distance
  • Dress code and soft spikes are in effect
  • For safety reasons, non-golfing children under the age of twelve are not permitted on the playing area of the golf course

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