Become a Lifeguard

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Lifesaving Society Certification

Certification Pre-Requisite Description
Bronze Medallion 13 years or older, or have your Bronze star certification You'll learn tows and carries, defense and release methods to prepare for challenging rescues of increased risk, involving conscious and unconscious victims of various types. You'll also learn CPR and First Aid skills.
Bronze Cross Bronze Medallion

You'll use your skills to address challenging situations while learning about safe supervision.

Once you've finished the Bronze Cross, you can go on to your Lifeguarding Society certification, or transfer into the Red Cross program.

Lifesaving Society National Certification (NL) At least 16 years old, finished the Bronze Cross Course, and have Standard First Aid (SFA) or Aquatic Emergency Care (AEC).

You'll develop an understanding of lifeguard principles, good judgment, and a mature, responsible attitude towards your role as a lifeguard. To remain valid, you must be re certified every two years.

100% attendance and participation of all Lifesaving Society courses is required.

Become a Swim Instructor
Certification Pre-Requisite Description
Red Cross Water Safety Instructor (WSI) Prerequisite: 15 years old, and one of the following—Red Cross Assistant Lifeguard, or Lifesaving Society Bronze Cross (certifications do not have to be current) and completed Swim Kids level 10 or equivalent WSI prepares candidates to instruct all of the Red Cross Swim programs from Preschool and Swim Kids to Adult and Teen. WSI focuses on strategies to introduce and develop swimming and water safety skills. Candidates must complete all of the components of WSI—Skills Evaluation, WSI—Online, WSI—Teaching Experience and WSI—Classroom and Pool. Once candidates have successfully completed their in-water Skills Assessment they will receive their WSI package to work on their Online and Teaching Experience components, which must be completed prior to joining the Classroom and Pool component.


100% attendance & participation of all WSI course components is required.

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