On June 12, 2023, Camrose City Council approved the framework for a 2-year shared e-scooter pilot program. This program will run until October 30, 2024. Shared e-scooter operators wishing to take part in this program will be required to report to Council on their operations at the end of the season each year. Please note that this pilot program is only for shared e-scooters, which are e-scooters that are part of an approved short-term rental business. Private e-scooters are not legally operable on public property in the Province of Alberta.

The operational season for a Shared E-Scooter Business is June 13, 2023 – October 30, 2023; and May 1, 2024 – October 30, 2024, and hours of operation are only allowed between 7:00am and 10:00pm.

Riders must be at least 16 years of age and it is highly recommended that all riders wear helmets.

How to Apply:

Operators wishing to apply to this program are required to apply for a Business License. Obtaining a Business License for a Shared E-scooter Business requires additional information over a regular business license including:

  • Approved provincial operational exemption for the Shared E-Scooter Business, which requires a letter of support from Council;
  • Approved operational plan; and
  • Approved education and safe riding plan.

Please see the Business License Bylaw and contact our Business License issuer at 780.672.4428 to discuss the steps to obtain a Business License for a Shared E-scooter Business.


What is a shared e-scooter?

A shared e-scooter is a vehicle that is part of a short term rental fleet that:

  • Has steering handlebars and a hand brake;
  • Is designed to travel on not more than three wheels in contact with the ground;
  • Is equipped with a standing surface and is to be operated by a single occupant from a standing position;
  • Is not equipped with a seating surface, and is not designed to be operated from a seated position;
  • Is capable of being propelled by muscular power;
  • Has one or more electric motors that have, singly or in combination, the following characteristics:
    • The total continuous power rating, measured at the shaft of each motor, of 500 watts or less;
    • Power assistance immediately ceases when the brakes are applied;
    • Has a headlamp and red tail lamp; and
    • Has at least one red reflector mounted on the rear.
What is a shared e-scooter business?
A shared e-scooter business is a short-term rental business that allows individuals to rent e-scooters for a short period of time and then park the e-scooters in a designated area that will not impede either foot or vehicular traffic. These e-scooters will be equipped with GPS and point of sale technology that allows for direct rental of the e-scooter by the renter from any appropriate location in the City.
How old does a rider have to be to use a shared e-scooter?
Riders must be at least 16 years of age.
Do riders need to wear helmets when riding?
It is strongly recommended that all riders wear helmets when operating a shared e-scooter.
Where can a person ride shared e-scooters?
Shared e-scooters are not allowed on public roadways. They can only be operated on sidewalks and trails.
What is the Speed Limit for shared e-scooters?
Shared e-scooters have a maximum speed limit of 20 km/hr, which is regulated within the app for the service.
What is rider etiquette for shared e-scooters?
When using an e-scooter, riders must respect the right-of-way of pedestrians and slower operators. Riders should use a bell to alert anyone they are approaching. There are fines for riding in an unsafe manner or for colliding with pedestrians. Shared e-scooters riders have the responsibility to ride in a safe manner and to avoid collisions with anyone using the trail.
How do I report a shared e-scooter that is improperly parked, is on my property, or if a rider is acting irresponsibly?
Shared e-scooter operators are responsible for parking issues, maintenance, and the removal and relocation of their fleet. Please contact the business owner/operator directly. To report a concern related to damaged City infrastructure, please use the Report a Concern tool. To report an irresponsibly rider, please contact Bylaw at 780.672.4444.

Rules for Rider Safety:

Pedestrians first- Always yield to, and be mindful of people walking on sidewalks, entering the sidewalk from a storefront or home, or stopping along the sidewalk and trails. Riders must give right of way to pedestrians and slower individuals on walkways.

Be considerate- Use the bell to alert others when passing on the sidewalk or pathway.

Follow the rules - Shared e-scooters are ONLY available to riders aged 16+. Helmets are strongly recommended. Maximum speed limit is 20 km / hr, but may operate slower on trail systems and sidewalks. Only one rider per shared e-scooter is allowed. Absolutely no joint riding on shared e-scooters.

Park responsibly- Park in a secure, upright position in designated or safe areas. There is NO parking on a sidewalk, trail, or roadway. 

Right and report- If you see a shared e-scooter toppled over or parked improperly, help out by righting the shared e-scooter or reporting the issue. Contact info for the shared e-scooter company is provided on each shared e-scooter.

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