Extraordinary Use of Streets Permit

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Parking Restrictions

Everyday Parking Restrictions

View a full list of parking restrictions in our Traffic Bylaw.

Snow Zone Parking Restrictions

When Snow Zone Plowing starts, parking restrictions are put in place. 'No parking' signs are not placed on every street, so It's your responsibility to find out when your street is being plowed and move your vehicle.

How will I know when parking restrictions are in place?

In addition to signs on the street, we use the following tools to let you know when parking restrictions are in place:

Why do I need to move my vehicle off the street?

We need you to move your vehicle so we can plow the road. Vehicles left on the street slow down plows because they have to carefully plow around the vehicle.

What will happen if I leave my vehicle parked on the street?

Depending on which street your vehicle is parked on, you could be subject to a parking ticket and your vehicle plowed in.

Where am I going to park my vehicle?

We encourage residents to use their off-street parking.

Report Sidewalk Repair

Use our Report a Concern site to report necessary sidewalk repair.

Request for Street Closure

If you are planning an event and would like to request a road closure, you must submit a letter to Council at least three months in advance of the road closure outlining the reason for why the closure is required and a detailed map outlining the closure area. Requests can be dropped off or mailed to City Hall. Email requests can be sent to legservices@camrose.ca.

As per the Municipal Government Act the authority to temporarily or permanently close a road within the City lies with Council. All requests are dealt with at a Regular Meeting of Council.

View more information on Special Events.

Snow and Ice Removal

View the Snow and Ice Removal webpage.

Street Closure Notices

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