The City of Camrose takes pride in our exceptional surroundings and extensive outdoor spaces and trails. Natural corridors provide a picturesque backdrop for the city’s Urban Park System – over 30 km of interconnected, paved, multi-use trails and many other shale passages for running or walking. The area offers the opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature as the trails offer an outstanding natural setting for hikers and mountain bikers.

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Trail Etiquette

  • PLEASE SHARE THE TRAILS - The trails were established for a wide variety of user groups. All users, including those accompanied by pets on leashes, should stay to the right of centre and use only half the width of the pathway. Ride single file, except when passing.
  • KEEP PATHWAYS CLEAR - Please move completely off the trail when stopping. There are benches provided for your convenience.
  • BE CAREFUL AT INTERSECTIONS - Slow down and look both ways and behind yourself before crossing road and trail intersections. Pedestrians always have the right of way.
  • BE SEEN AND HEARD - Ensure your visibility at night by wearing light-coloured clothing with reflective material. Outfit your bicycle with lights, reflectors and a bell.
  • WARN OTHERS WHEN PASSING - When approaching other cyclists or pedestrians from behind, shout out a friendly “hello” or “passing on your left.” Alert, don't alarm. Sound your horn or bell early and pass safely. Do not pass on the right.
  • BE ALERT - Watch for hazardous conditions or vandalism and report to the City of Camrose. Be sure the trail ahead is clear of obstructions such as overhanging or fallen branches. Be aware of sharp bends in the trail, bridge crossings, intersections and hills.
  • KEEP YOUR TRAIL SYSTEM CLEAN - Garbage receptacles are provided throughout the park system. If you are walking pets, we ask that you kindly carry proper equipment to clean up. Bags are provided throughout the trail system.
  • USE PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT - …where necessary. We recommend the use of helmets, bells or horns when bikes and inline skates are involved.
  • BE AWARE OF MAINTENANCE VEHICLES - No motorized vehicles unless authorized by the City of Camrose shall be permitted on the trail system.
  • WASHROOMS - Washrooms are located throughout our trail system. Your assistance to help keep these facilities clean is most appreciated.

Trail and Shared Pathway Safety

People on bikes are responsible for following these rules:

  • Bicycles must have a working bell.
  • Bike riders must sound their bell before passing slower trail users.
  • Slow down when you approach slower users and pass on the left side.
  • Obey trail signs and park closures.
  • Do not bike on or disturb trails that are less than 0.5 meters wide, as they are part of the natural landscape or wildlife routes.

List of Trails

68 Street Trail - Berm

Head atop the berm along Camrose Drive
Start: 48 Avenue
Finish: Camrose Drive Bridge
Distance: 4.7 km
Time: 71 minutes
Material: Asphalt

Bullrush Park Trail

From Mirror Lake Trail around park and back to the Mirror Lake Trail
Start: Mirror Lake Trail
Finish: Mirror Lake Trail
Distance: 0.7 km
Time: 11 minutes
Material: Asphalt

Cascades Pond Trail

Start: 50 Avenue
Finish: 50 Avenue
Distance: 1.2 km
Time: 17 minutes
Material: Asphalt

Jubilee Park Trail

From Mirror Lake Arbor across causeway bridge through Rotary Park and to Jubilee Park and back
Start: Mirror Lake Arbor
Finish: Mirror Lake Arbor
Distance: 0.9 km
Time: 14 minutes
Material: Asphalt

Kin Park Trail

Enjoy the many shale paths throughout Kin Park
Distance: 1.5 km
Time: 22 minutes
Material: Shale

Mirror Lake Small Loop Trail

East to Chuck McLean Arts Centre and back across the walking bridge
Start: Bill Fowler Centre
Finish: Bill Fowler Centre
Distance: 0.8 km
Time: 10 minutes
Material: Asphalt

Mirror Lake Walking Bridge Loop Trail

West to Grand Drive and east across causeway bridge to arbor
Start: Bill Fowler Centre
Finish: Bill Fowler Centre
Distance: 2.2 km
Time: 32 minutes
Material: Asphalt

South West Meadows Trail

Distance: 1.34 km
Time: 20 minutes
Material: Asphalt and concrete

Stoney Creek Park Trail

Distance: 1.99 km
Time: 29 minutes
Material: Asphalt

Stoney Creek Trail (44 Avenue)

From 44 Avenue south to trestle, uphill, along the top of the hill, back through valley to 44 Avenue
Start: 44 Avenue
Finish: 44 Avenue
Distance: 4.1 km
Time: 62 minutes
Material: Asphalt

Valleyview Trail

Start: Camrose Drive Bridge
Finish: Valleyview Entrance Sign
Distance: 3.2 km
Time: 48 minutes
Material: Asphalt

West Park Trail

Enjoy the scenery around the lovely West Park neighbourhoods.
Start: 45 Avenue
Finish: 68 Street
Distance: 2.2 km
Time: 32 minutes
Material: Asphalt

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