What is Unidirectional Flushing?

Unidirectional Flushing (UDF) is a method of cleaning the water pipes by shutting and opening certain valves and fire hydrants to force the water to flow quickly in one direction. There may be a small drop in pressure or a change in water colour as minerals and sediments get flushed out. This should not affect water service.

Benefits of the UDF program

Slow moving water in the water pipes lets minerals and sediments to build up over time. These deposits can result in water colour and water quality problems and corrode pipes. The UDF program is necessary for:

  • Improving water quality in water mains
  • Reducing bacterial growth
  • Lowering risk of water contamination
  • Improving water colour and clarity
  • Controlling pipe corrosion
  • Helping to restore flow and pressures in system
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