Dandelions are a part of Camrose’s natural landscape. Their presence peaks through May and June so residents may notice them more often on city roadways, parks and boulevards. 

Dandelions are not one of the legislated weeds that the Province of Alberta requires to be controlled.

How the City Controls Dandelion Growth

  • The City does not use herbicides for cosmetic purposes.
  • The City works to prevent the spread of dandelions by mowing and trimming turf, but doesn’t spray for dandelion control in parks and open spaces. There will also be less weed control in natural areas, naturalized areas, and all grassy areas.

How You Can Control Dandelions on Your Property

  • City of Camrose bylaws do not prohibit dandelions on private property.
  • As a property owner, you can control dandelions by:
    • Mowing your lawn regularly.
    • Cutting weeds before they seed can keep them under control.
    • Routinely pull small patches of dandelions out of the ground by hand.
    • Keeping your lawn healthy because healthy lawns make it difficult for weeds to seed and grow on your property.

Dandelions & Humans: Living Together

Because of their love affair with human habitats, dandelions are clearly here to stay. So how can we learn to live happily with this biological superstar? Herbicides may temporarily reduce dandelion numbers, but they can also poison people and other creatures and pollute water - a huge  environmental cost. Instead, let’s reduce dandelion habitat by maintaining healthy lawns and using alternative landscaping. If we learn to “dig” our dandelions, we should be able to enjoy the few that remain.
Source: Alberta Native Plant Council

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