An invasive species is a nonnative species whose introduction causes (or is likely to cause) economic harm, environmental harm, or harm to human health. These species grow and reproduce rapidly, causing major disturbance to the areas in which they are present. Only a small percentage of nonnative species are invasive, but that small percentage causes a great deal of damage.

City employees will be picking and spraying for noxious plants and residents are asked to do the same on their own properties. Please make efforts to remove all of these invasive plants from your yard and alley to prevent their spread.

Some weeds that have been found in Camrose are:

  • Prohibited Noxious: Himalayan Balsam
  • Noxious: Baby's Breath, Creeping Bellflower, Dame's Rocket, Scentless Chamomile, Oxeye Daisy, Canada Thistle, White Cockle, Yellow Clematis

Information on all these weeds can be found at

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