Lelsey Schatz

Lesley Schatz

Lesley Schatz aka LBoll is a professional artist ( oil and watercolour) who has had one man shows since graduating from Alberta College of Art in 1974.

As an artist/ academic, Lesley completed a BFA (2010; U of S ) as well as a Master’s degree in Aboriginal, Social and Ecological Justice majoring in Cree language and minoring in Andragogy through Educational Foundations; U of S, 2012.

Lesley has been a practicing visual artist (Painting, Drawing, Printmaking and Art History) for over 40 years. As an Artist in Residence facilitator, she taught a program called Mouthbows and Murals where schools were able to join in the construction of an Aboriginal musical instrument and complete a mural on canvas using the verses and chorus of a song picked to inspire. 


Jayda Calon

Jayda Calon

Hello, my name is Jayda! I am an art teacher at the Chuck Maclean Art Centre. I grew up just outside of Camrose, graduated from the Camrose Composite High School, and attended Augustana for the first two years of my Fine Arts Degree. I recently graduated from the University of Alberta Main Campus in Edmonton in April 2021 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction. During my degree, I enjoyed working and experimenting with many different mediums like collage, drawing, and painting. Some areas I specialize in are acrylic painting and figurative clay sculpture. To check out my work please feel free to visit my Instagram @jalonart. I enjoy teaching and I aim to use my passion for art and working with kids to inspire youth through arts education and create a youth arts community within the City of Camrose.


Janet Greer

Janet Greer

Janet Greer is highly certified and has a training in:

  • MSc. Human Movement Program – Diploma, School of Osteopathic Medicine, A.T. Still University
  • BPE. Exercise Physiology and Adapted Physical Education and Rehabilitation, University of Alberta
  • Recreation Administration and Facilities Management – Diploma, Mohawk College

Today, Janet, through the Align2Move programs, is on a mission to bring much-needed awareness to people about the importance of living and moving with ideal body alignment and how that this or it correlates to with enjoying physical activity and exercise for greater wellbeing and health. No matter what age you happen to be!

Through the development of corrective exercise programs and instruction in human movement, she helps people who have poor body awareness, poor posture and physical movement get back into alignment, restore good postural and development movement habits that will aid in reducing correcting current pain and mobility issues and reducing a plethora of potential future physical problems later in life.



Mindy Marshall

Mindy Marshall is a self-taught mixed media artist based out of Camrose Alberta. She has had her work showcased in the Camrose Art Walk as well as featured in The Art of Camrose online magazine, including the cover. Mindy has shared what she has learned over the past 12 years teaching beginners drawing and acrylic classes at the Ruffington House and the Chuck Maclean Arts Centre.

Most recently she participated in the fundraising gala Starlight, Star bright, Winter Showcase of the Arts at the Jean & Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre




Sherry Tovell

Sherry Tovell has taught dance in Edmonton since 1990 at the well know country dance club Cook County Saloon. Both Sherry and her husband Rob, worked with the CBC National TV Show “Country Beat” and provided the backup dancers. Sherry’s work as choreographer for two movies filmed in Edmonton was a fun and challenging effort. This was filmed at the country night club “Cook County” where everything had started.

Both were members of the United Country Western Dance Council providing International Dance Events, (River City Dance Festival-Edmonton) culminating in the Worlds Competition once per year. Sherry was elected as President of this association and entered in the Country Hall of Fame in 2006. She has attained certification as a Master Level Certified Judge in both Partner dancing and Line dancing. Sherry’s attained a World Champion award this year (2023) with her amateur student.

Their studio “Dance With Me” started in Edmonton, 2003 and became a great place to learn not only Country Dancing, but Ballroom, Swing, Latin, Hip Hop and Zumba dance as well. Having great success with their programs, they also added a Home School Students Program, promoting socialization as well as building invaluable confidence in each student. West Coast Swing University was started, producing a great Teachers Program and Social Dance Group.

With the recent move to Camrose to be closer to family, Sherry and her husband Rob are dedicated to introducing “Social Partner Dance” and a “Keep Fit Line Dance” based classes, encouraging fitness and the love of all music.


Donna Hanson

Painting with Beeswax & Fire

I have always been creative however I have been seriously immersing myself in my artwork for over 25 years.
My artistic path eventually led to the discovery of the ancient technique of encaustic painting, a medium that has transformed my creative expression and become the cornerstone of my artwork. Encaustic, an art form dating back to ancient times, involves melting beeswax, tree sap, and pigments to create a luscious and malleable medium. Through the meticulous layering and fusing of beeswax with fire, I found a medium that resonated with my vision of capturing the raw beauty of my surroundings.

I am inspired by the prairie landscape and nature. I love the play of light on the landscape, the darkness that moves across the land during an approaching storm or an abandoned building sitting in a field of bright yellow canola set against a summer blue sky or that sense of silence that envelopes the world during the first snowfall. For me, the act of applying beeswax and manipulating it with fire is not just a process; it's a meditative and immersive experience. Each stroke of the brush, each melding of wax and pigment, becomes an intimate dance of wax and flame.

I believe that creativity is in all of us – it is our fears that hold us back. With that in mind, I have been able to explore and push myself to create.

In addition to selling my work at art shows and markets, I also teach classes and workshops in the art of encaustic or do demonstrations in encaustic painting. I love introducing others to this art form and all it can do.
My art can be purchased through my website www.donnahansonartworks.com or at markets in the area. As well, my studio door is always open for visitors or viewing my work simply by contacting me through my facebook page Donna Hanson Artworks, my IG account @donnahansonartworks or my website at www.donnahansonartworks.com.

Stephanie Lane

Stephanie Lane 

In my artistic journey, I have found solace and creative liberation in the enchanting world of fluid mediums. Through my artworks, I like to harness the unpredictable yet thrilling nature of alcohol inks, acrylic inks, resin, India inks, and high flow acrylics.

Fluidity is the essence of my artistic expression. With each unpredictable addition to a painting, I surrender myself to the ever-changing dance of colors and textures. The vibrant and mesmerizing qualities of alcohol inks have become an integral part of my artistic vocabulary, especially in the teaching world. I love the way they flow and merge, creating unique patterns and colour combinations.  I delight in their versatility and quick drying nature, as they allow me to create quickly and spontaneously. The way these inks interact with the surface is akin to a science experiment, and it is rather mesmerizing and loads of fun!

Working with resin adds an extra dimension to my creative process. The unpredictable reactions of resin to heat and other manipulations excite me, as I never quite know how the final result will appear. This element of surprise creates an experience that transcends traditional art forms, inviting audiences and students to marvel in the final effects. 

Drawing inspiration from the ancient and fascinating art form of India inks, I incorporate their rich history into my contemporary creations. They are versatile and fast drying, leaving the artist to make spontaneous and interesting effects before they dry to the substrate. 

High flow acrylics are my partners in exploration, as they allow me to experiment with a range of techniques and textures. They are fast drying, so they are great to teach with, or use on the substrate when time is of the essence. They range from transparent to opaque to give me so much versatility. 

The beauty of fluid mediums lies in their spontaneity and the element of surprise they bring to the creative process. Each piece I create is an adventure into the unknown, as I embrace the unpredictability that comes with using these dynamic materials. This unpredictability is what makes my artistic journey exciting and fulfilling, as I discover new nuances and subtleties with every creation.

My artworks are not just visual expressions; they are an invitation to experience emotions and the ebb and flow of life itself. Through my art, I seek to connect with audiences and students on a profound level, inviting them to explore their own emotions and reflections within the abstract forms and fluid movements.

As an artist who revels in the wonder of fluid mediums, I am continuously inspired by the ever-changing world around me. My art is a celebration of life's beauty, complexities, and the infinite possibilities that arise when we embrace the unpredictability of existence.

Thank you for joining me on this thrilling and evocative artistic voyage.

Stephanie Lane

Abstract Underground Studio

Edward Morningway

Edward Morningway 

My name is Edward Morningway. I am a high school student and artist who specializes in acrylic painting, specifically landscapes. I have been taking art classes and painting for as long as I can remember. Several years ago, I forwarded this passion by volunteering to help teach and assist at many local youth art classes. After several years of assisting, this is my first time personally hosting my own class that is not simply a couple hour workshop. I have a passion for working with kids. I have been a camp counselor at several summer camps and have been assisting and running youth classes for much of my life. I really enjoy spending time with children, I have always felt a special connection with them that much to my appreciation has been noticed and furthered by my time at Chuck MacLean Arts Centre. Being a first time independent teacher of this class, careful work and consideration has been put into the curriculum created for these sessions. My goal is to create a fun environment that promotes creativity and skill building in every lesson. I am delighted to have this opportunity, and exceedingly excited to teach and create art with your wonderful artists.


  • 2 years art classes at Chuck Mclean followed by 2 years volunteering at Chuck McLean youth art classes
  • Summer Camp volunteer work in 2022 and paid employee in 2023
  • Youth summer camps
    • TREX day camp, traveling Indigenous art show, workshop for ages 8-12
  • October-November youth art class assistant, ages 7-9
  • November 18, Art Society, Artistic Adventures coordinator
  • Canada day youth activities volunteer 2022 and 2023
  • Camrose Library family workshops
  • Private painting classes for a boy aged 9
  • Helped facilitate Indigenous art and cultural workshops for kids and families

Please click here for an example of Edwards Work! 


Leanne Shapka

 The beauty of being raised on a Saskatchewan ranch has propelled Leanne to
do art since before she can remember. Her work is inspired by nature. Subject
matter portrayal is influenced by Colour, Texture and Movement to engage diverse
perceptions and to elicit viewers’ emotions. Leanne believes this is accomplished
not by what you see but how you see. Memory and perception play a big role in
this endeavour. Therefore Leanne considers herself to be an Impressionistic artist.
Holding a BA in Psychology, Fine Art and Criminology from U of A -
Augustana, Leanne also studied Visual Communications and Fine Art in Medicine
Hat College, Fashion Design at Blanche Macdonald Institute in Vancouver. She is
currently obtaining her after-degree B Ed. in Secondary Education at the U of A,
hoping to teach junior high art and psychology. While attending universities,
Leanne designed interiors of homes and businesses from Saskatoon to Vancouver
among many volunteer projects. Before going back to school, Leanne was a
special needs Educational Assistant in Camrose, AB where she was inspired by the
children and her coworkers.

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