Airport Master Plan

The 2012 Airport Master Plan (8.7 MB) presents a comprehensive review of the infrastructure and services currently at the airport and identifies both essential and desirable improvements for the future.

Annual Report

The 2020 Annual Report (12.7MB) and the 2020 Year in Review Infographics (1.6MB) give citizens an overview of the successes from 2020.

Area Structure Plan Guidelines

The Area Structure Plan Guidelines (1.4 MB) is a long-term development plan that provides the framework for future subdivision and development of a parcel of land.

Arts and Culture Master Plan

The 2016 Arts and Culture Master Plan (37.4 MB) creates a cohesive vision and supporting strategy for arts and culture by uniting city goals with community goals.

Augustana Redevelopment Plan

The Augustana Area Redevelopment Plan  was presented to Council on April 19th, 2021 and approved. Bylaw 3126-20 replaced the previous Augustana Neighbourhood Area Redevelopment Plan, Bylaw 2710/12, which was approved in 2012.

For more information, please contact Aaron Leckie, Manager of Planning and Development at 5204-50 Avenue, Camrose, AB, T4V 0S8, 780.672.4428, or by email to

Camrose Airport Vicinity Protection Area Regulation

The 1992 Camrose Airport Vicinity Protection Area Regulation (1.0 MB) sets out the development of land within the boundary protection area at the Camrose Airport.

Camrose Community Economic Development Plan

The 2012 Camrose Community Economic Development Plan (2.9 MB) identifies specific economic and community-based development goals and iterate the community's vision for it suture and for its families.

Camrose Source Water Protection Plan

The 2016 Camrose Source Water Protection Plan (14.7 MB) demonstrates an overarching goal to support the protection and improvement of surface water quality in the Battle River and Driedmeat Lake, which are critical water sources for the City of Camrose and many County residents.

Cargill Area Structure Plan

The 2012 Cargill Area Structure Plan (5.2 MB) guides the greenfield development of a canola crushing plant and associated infrastructure. Bylaw 3178-21 was approved by Council on August 3, 2021, which amended the Cargill Area Structure Plan to align with the Railway Junction Intermunicipal Area Structure Plan.  

Citizen Satisfaction Survey

The 2013 Citizen Satisfaction Survey (<1 MB) with data collected by Ipsos Reid.

Downtown and City of Camrose Retail Commercial Market Study

View the Downtown and City of Camrose Retail Commercial Market Study (2.2 MB).

Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan

The Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan provides a broad framework of land use and development policies that can guide current and future land use and development decisions in Downtown Camrose.

Downtown Transportation and Parking Plan 

The Downtown Transportation and Parking Plan (4 MB) provides an understanding of the existing transportation and parking conditions in the downtown, and makes recommendations for improvements in the short term and the long term.

East Gateway Area Structure Plan

This 2016 East Gateway Area Structure Plan (33.8 MB) provides a detailed framework for the future development of the East Gateway area, and to increase the commercial and industrial land supply in the City.

Fire Master Plan

This 2020 Fire Master Plan (10.7 MB) reflects the desire to preserve a safe and secure city with active involvement in preventative partnerships with other protective services and citizens, businesses and institutions.

Green Space Master Plan

The 2014 Green Space Master Plan (5.3 MB) develops and expresses the City's policy on green space allocation, development, management and protection within the boundaries of the City of Camrose.

Growth Study

The 2006 Growth Study (1.0 MB) updates population forecasts and developable land inventory to reflect population growth and development that has occurred in the City over the past three years.

Heritage Management Plan

The Heritage Management Plan is a guiding document for the City of Camrose. The purpose of the Heritage Management Plan is to provide the City of Camrose with an effective, sustainable, and realistic strategic plan of action for the years 2021 to 2031.

Heritage Survey and Inventory

The 2011 Heritage Survey and Inventory (10.9 MB) consists of a list of sites that meet the selection criteria and that may have the potential to be designated as a Municipal Historic Resource in the future. 

Intermunicipal Development Plan

The Intermunicipal Development Plan (47.3 MB) outlines the orderly development of lands within an area of the County of common interest to both municipalities which provide for development opportunities in the County and the City while protecting the ability of the City to continue to grow.

Land Use Bylaw

The 2017 Land Use Bylaw (24.3 MB) regulates the use of land and buildings and establishes standards for development within the City in accordance with the policies of the Municipal Development Plan.

Municipal Development Plan

The 2011 Municipal Development Plan (7.7 MB) contains broad policies for guiding growth and change within the City which focuses on the type, quality and direction of land use, development, and related issues. Bylaw 3177-21 was approved by Council on August 3, 2021, which amended the Municipal Development Plan to include the Railway Junction Intermunicipal Area Structure Plan.

Municipal Sustainability Plan

The 2010 Municipal Sustainability Plan (7.6 MB) provides an opportunity for a community to focus on what sustainability means to them specifically and move toward their visions of a sustainable future.

Railway Junction Intermunicipal Area Structure Plan

The City of Camrose in partnership with Camrose County has undertaken the development of an Intermunicipal Area Structure Plan (ASP) to guide future growth and development of lands located in the southeastern area of the City, including lands located in the County.

Regional Recreation Master Plan

The Regional Recreation Master Plan (6 MB) outlines a vision and intended outcomes for public investment in recreation services for both the County and the City.

Road Condition Study/Maintenance Master Plan

This 2015 Road Condition Study/Maintenance Master Plan provides evaluation of current road condition and plan for ongoing maintenance moving into the future. Please contact to have this plan emailed to you.

Sanitary Sewer Master Plan

The 2007 Sanitary Sewer Master Plan (31.3 MB) provides a detailed and updated direction to drainage servicing for future development.

Solid Waste Collection and Diversion Study

The 2010 Solid Waste Collection and Diversion Study (19.0 MB) provides recommendations for a comprehensive waste management system that is environmentally responsible and meets the needs of its citizens in a cost effective manner.

Storm Water Master Plan

The 2008 Storm Water Master Plan provides updated and detailed information to guide future development. Please contact with any questions relating to this plan.

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan (2.1 MB) is Camrose City Council’s road map for 2018 to 2022. It describes four Strategic Focus Areas that require additional attention and are essential elements to our community’s continued success. The Strategic Focus Areas aim to move us closer to our long-term vision for Camrose and our long-term outcomes for a thriving and sustainable community as described in our Municipal Sustainability Pillars.

Transportation Master Plan

The 2019 Transportation Master Plan (44.4 MB) revisit's the City's transportation needs for the next 5 to 10 years, as well as the review of long term plans and requirements.

Waste Management Master Plan

The 2013 Waste Management Master Plan (7.0 MB) provides strategic direction for residential and industrial, commercial and institutional waste management activities over the short term, mid-term, and long term providing visionary direction for waste management over the next 25 years.

Water Distribution System Master Plan

The 2006 Water Distribution System Master Plan (29.1 MB) reviews and assesses the performance of the existing water distribution system and potential expansion areas for the 5, 10 and 20 year growth scenarios.

Wayfinding Signage Master Plan

The Wayfinding Signage Master Plan (5.8 MB) designs the process of organizing spatial and environmental information to help visitors and residents find their way to their destination.

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