Online Muncipal Census - April 1 - May 31, 2016


Click here to complete your Census online.

The City of Camrose will be conducting an online census from April 1 - May 31, 2016. Residents will have the opportunity to complete the census online or wait until enumerators go door-to doorwin-an-ipad to collect census data from the households who have not completed the census online. 
The online data collection will begin April 1 and the door-to-door data collection will begin May 9. Watch for your PIN (personal identification number) to be delivered to your home between March 21 - 30, 2016, which will include instructions on how you can reply to the census online using the unique and secure PIN.

Residents who complete the online questionnaire have the opportunity to enter their name online for a chance to win an iPad!

Why is a Municipal Census Conducted? 
It is essential for City departments and related agencies to have accurate and up-to-date statistical information to make informed and appropriate decisions on the provision of population based city services, such as transportation, roads, fire protection, police services, utilities, recreation, etc. Basing decisions on updated demographics results in appropriate use of City revenues and particularly so in times of change. School Boards, businesses, residents, and other interested parties may also use the statistics in order to make informed decisions. As well, many of the grants received from the Provincial and Federal Government are provided on a per capita basis. A census count ensures that maximum grant funds are received.

What is an Online Census? 
In the past the City has conducted a paper-based census with enumerators going door-to door to conduct an interview in person with the responses recorded on paper forms, which were then converted into an electronic format for analysis.

This spring, residents will have the opportunity to access a census website, which will allow them to complete the census online. With this method, a personal identification number (PIN) secure and unique to each dwelling is mailed or delivered to all dwellings along with a link to the census website. The responses are automatically entered into the census central database. This means that the online questionnaire does not require an in-person interview. Enumerators are still needed to complete in-person interviews with individuals from households that do not complete the census online.