Address: 46 Street and 55 Avenue
Phone: 780.678.5226
Aviation Data Location: N53.02.23 W112.48.58
Elevation: 2426 ft.
Runway: 14/32 4512x100 Asphalt


Fuel: 24-hour self-fueling availability, 100LL

Tie-downs: Limited in-pavement locations, no fees (72 hour maximum use)

Personal: Pilot lounge, washrooms, and soft drink vending machine available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via pilot access only

Transportation: Local taxi and rental cars available

Lodging and Dining: Restaurants and motels within 3 KM of the airport


ARCAL System: Activated by five clicks on 122.8 MHz


Unicom 122.8 MHz

Navigation NDB 405 KHz DME 108.2

FIC Edmonton: 1.866.992.7433


Landing Fees: None

Aircraft Paved Parking Fees: None

Grass Tie-down Fees: Annual fee of $900 payable in advance, $75/month refundable for unused portion of year


100LL Fuel Price: $1.75/L (including GST)

24 hour fuel availability

Payment Options: Visa, MasterCard or debit card accepted

Fuel Flowage Fee

The City of Camrose has implemented a “fuel flowage fee” for any externally-sourced fuel that is brought onto and/or dispensed on the airport property. The current rate is $0.35/L.

For more information please click on these links which will explain the Fuel Flowage Fee and provide you with a Fuel Flowage Reporting Form.


Limited, grass long term locations.

24 hour, (4) in-pavement parking locations (72 hour limit signs) on Apron I adjacent to air terminal 

Aircraft Parking with Power 
Two paved parking positions with plug-ins, no charge 
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