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Public Transit

Camrose Area Rideshare

The City of Camrose's Rural Transportation two-year pilot project, “Camrose Area Rideshare,” (funded by the Government of Alberta) launched on November 6, 2019. Previously known as “Camrose Carpool,” Camrose Area Rideshare was a web-based carpooling program with a phone-in option that was designed to provide local and rural residents access to public transportation while also providing information to help address gaps in the transit system.

However, due to underutilization and COVID-19, the decision was made to suspend the program indefinitely.

Camrose Community Bus

The following steps are being taken to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus:

  • - The drivers will not touch riders’ walkers, groceries, etc.
  • - The bus will be used to only pick up riders that are able, independent riders. If someone requires assistance, please call the handivan directly or the driver will deploy a handivan to come pick up this rider.
  • - Drivers will encourage riders to practice social distancing by leaving seats in between each other.
  • - The bus will not run at full capacity. If every other seat is being used, the driver may deploy another bus to come pick up additional riders.
  • - Drivers have the right to refuse someone getting on if they are visibly ill.
  • - Buses will be switched out every other day so that they can be thoroughly cleaned.
  • - An exact change “cash-only” system will be implemented so that drivers do not have to handle, sell, and clean bus passes (however, we will still accept passes people currently have).​

Any questions should be directed to the Rose City Handivan Society at 780.672.8777


The Camrose Community Bus provides a fixed route service on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The bus is equipped with accessible ramps and equipment that secures strollers, walkers, and wheelchairs.


Our bus fee is $2.00 one way.

Route and schedule

View our bus route and schedule.

On-demand and group booking

We offer on-demand and group bookings on Mondays and Wednesdays. These services are provided under a contract with the Rose City Handi-Van Society. You can call Rose City Handi-Van Society at 780.672.8777 for more information.

Transit offices and contact information

Rose City Handi-Van Society

5415 - 49 Avenue

P: 780.672.8777

Transit tips

  • Make sure you are in a visible location for the driver to spot you, waving to the driver insures they know you want to get onto the bus
  • Plan to arrive at the bus stop a few minutes early
  • Have your correct fare ready before boarding the bus
  • Take a seat as soon as possible after boarding the bus
  • Hold on while the bus is in motion
  • Keep your head, hands and arms inside of the bus
  • Remind your driver before you leave the bus if you have to remove your bike from the bike rack
  • Be a good neighbour. Yelling or loud music on the bus can be distracting for the driver and other passengers
  • Hold on to your children, strollers, parcels, luggage, and sports equipment
  • Assist your children on and off the bus
Camrose Connector
The Rural Transportation Pilot Program "Camrose Connector" last day of service will be on March 26, 2021.

A few things that passengers can expect on the Camrose Connector to help prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  • - Facemasks will be mandatory for the entire duration of the trip. The Government of Alberta has set up a mask distribution initiative through its transit partners as part of its relaunch strategy. Therefore, the Camrose Connector will be offering free non-medical masks during their route. For more information, visit
  • - Social Distancing will be enforced on all vehicles, allowing a maximum of 11 people on each trip
  • - Passengers will undergo a quick Health and Safety Screening to ensure they are not experiencing symptoms of illness and/or have not travelled outside of Canada in the past 14 days
  • - Enhanced cleaning measures will be adhered to, including an electro-static spray of the entire interior between in each trip

The City of Camrose and Red Arrow have partnered to provide a 20 seat inter-city bus between Edmonton and Camrose called the Camrose Connector. The shuttle not only brings service to several locations in Edmonton, Camrose and Hay Lakes, but provides several options for further connections through the Red Arrow network including Red Deer, Calgary, Lethbridge or further north through to Fort McMurray. 

The shuttle includes comfortable seating, seatbelts, a washroom, wheelchair access, complimentary Wi-Fi, and room for luggage. This vehicle is operated by skilled, friendly, professional drivers with your safety in mind.


  • $20.00 one-way, Camrose to Edmonton
  • $13.00 one-way, Hay Lakes to Edmonton
  • $7.00 one-way, Hay Lakes to Camrose

Ticket prices include taxes

Additional fees for further connections will apply

Route and Schedule

The Camrose Connector stops in two locations in Camrose, one location in Hay Lakes and four locations in Edmonton on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays. The shuttle does not operate on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day.

View the Camrose Connector schedule.

Booking Information

Bookings are made through Red Arrow, online at or by phone at 1.800.232.1958.

Wheelchair reservations must be made by phone.

Taxi Tokens
The Taxi Token Program provides transit options to those with financial difficulties. Taxis in Camrose cost about $8.00 a ride. The taxi tokens give the rider a $4.00 discount on the taxi or handi-van fare therefore lowering the cost to what bus fares are in other cities. Currently Armand's, Rose City, and the Rose City Handi-van accept tokens. Taxi drivers are not obligated to accept the tokens, so we're aware that the system still has some problems.

Streets and Sidewalks

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