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Public Transit

Camrose Community Bus

The Camrose Community Bus provides a fixed route service on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The bus is equipped with accessible ramps and equipment that secures strollers, walkers, and wheelchairs.


$2.00 one way.
Taxi Tokens are also accepted. Since the bus fare is only $2 one way, when you give the driver the token, they will give you a pass to use on your next bus ride. 

Route and schedule

View the bus route and schedule.

On-demand and group booking

On-demand and group bookings are available on Mondays and Wednesdays. These services are provided under a contract with the Rose City Handi-Van Society. Please call the Rose City Handi-Van Society at 780.672.8777 for more information.

Transit offices and contact information

Rose City Handi-Van Society
5415 - 49 Avenue
P: 780.672.8777

Transit tips

  • Make sure you are in a visible location for the driver to spot you, waving to the driver insures they know you want to get onto the bus
  • Plan to arrive at the bus stop a few minutes early
  • Have your correct fare ready before boarding the bus
  • Take a seat as soon as possible after boarding the bus
  • Hold on while the bus is in motion
  • Keep your head, hands and arms inside of the bus
  • Remind your driver before you leave the bus if you have to remove your bike from the bike rack
  • Be a good neighbour. Yelling or loud music on the bus can be distracting for the driver and other passengers
  • Hold on to your children, strollers, parcels, luggage, and sports equipment
  • Assist your children on and off the bus
Transit Tokens

Over the past couple years, the Taxi Token program has grown as two additional transit options, the Rose City Handi-Van and Camrose Community Bus, allowed tokens for their services. With this expansion of the program, the City of Camrose and the Community Transit Advisory Committee (CTAC) have been working on a rebrand to encourage increased token use and to be inclusive to all forms of transit that the tokens can be used for.

Beginning May 1st, 2023, the City will be introducing “Transit Tokens.” Residents will see little change to the actual program as Transit Tokens are essentially Taxi Tokens with a new name. 

The Transit Token Program provides transit options to those with financial difficulties. The transit token is worth $4.00 to use to subsidize the cost of participating taxi, handi-van or community bus rides.

From May 1st – July 31st, 2023 both taxi token and transit tokens will be accepted. July 31st 2023 will be the last day that taxi tokens are valid and after will not be accepted. 

How do Transit Tokens work?

Residents can get tokens from different social agencies or groups in Camrose. When you are paying for a ride, you give the driver the token(s) to go toward your fare. The individual will be responsible for paying the remainder of the fare. 

Use of Transit Token on the Community Bus
Since the bus is only $2.00 one way, when you give the driver the token, they will give you a pass to use on your next bus ride. 
Participating Transportation Providers


Camrose Community Bus

Choice Cabs

Mirror Lake Taxi

Rose City Handi-Van Society

Rose City Taxi 

Tag Along Taxi

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