We offer a broad range of grants and funding to various community organizations according to the Community Grants policy. (If you are a part of an arts and culture organization, please refer to the Arts and Culture Grant instead.)

For 2020, Council has set aside $20,000 to fund grants - $10,000 to be determined in January 2020 and $10,000 to be awarded in July 2020.

Steps to Receive a Grant

  1. The following requirements must be met by the community organization:
    • Be within the City of Camrose
    • Demonstrate the need for the specific request
    • Not be raising funds on behalf of another group who would not otherwise qualify
    • Not be a registered party, registered constituency association or registered candidate
    • Not be a for-profit organization
  2. Complete the Community Grants Application for Funding Form either by January 20, 2020 for the January deadline or by June 12, 2020 for the July deadline.
  3. If awarded, enter into a Grant Agreement with the City of Camrose
  4. Receive the grant funds
  5. Report the results of the program, event, or service for back to us in this Grant Accountability Statement document.

Types of Grants

Recurring Grants

During the budget process, Council will determine the community organizations that will be considered for “Recurring Grants”. These organizations often have a long history of providing social service needs to the community and will receive a letter prior to the budget meetings requesting them to complete and submit an application form. This letter will generally be sent out in August or September and the response will be due in October. Council will then determine the amount of funding, if any, to be provided to each organization as a Recurring Grant.

Discretionary Grants

Discretionary Grants are available to all other community organizations that meet the social service needs of residents of Camrose but are not considered for Recurring Grants. The total amount available will be determined during the budget process in the fall. We will generally advertise when we will be accepting Discretionary Grant applications two times a year. The first batch will submit applications in December and the amount, if any, to be granted will be determined in January. The second annual batch of applications will be due in June and the amount, if any, to be granted will be determined in July.

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