The Election results have been finalized! Congratulations to the following candidates:


  • PJ Stasko


  • Lucas Banack
  • Lana Broker
  • David R. Francoeur
  • Agnes Hoveland
  • Kevin Hycha
  • DJ Ilg
  • Joy-Anne Murphy
  • Don Rosland

Public School Trustees:

  • Doug Algar
  • Patrick McFeely

Separate School Trustee:

  • Shelley Charchun

Alberta Senate Election (results from the City of Camrose)

  • Erika Barootes
  • Pam Davidson
  • Mykhailo Martyniouk

Provincial Question 1 - Equalization (results from the City of Camrose)

  • Yes - 3,398 (A “YES” vote means that you support the removal of Section 36(2) from the Constitution Act, 1982, ending the practice of equalization payments)
  • No - 1,503

Provincial Question 2 - Daylight Savings Time (results from the City of Camrose)

  • Yes - 2,749 (A “YES” vote means you support a permanent change to summer hours and no longer turning clocks forward in March and backward in November.)
  • No - 2,430

Please note: On October 26, 2021 at 11 a.m. Elections Alberta will tabulate the provincial results for the senate election and referendum vote. Click here to find out more about the Senate and Referendum results here.

Official Documents

General municipal elections are held every four years. Camrose voters elect one Mayor and eight Councillors to a four year term. When a vacancy occurs, a by-election is held if there is more than 18 months before the next general election. City of Camrose elections are regulated by the Local Authorities Election Act and the City of Camrose Election Bylaw.

The Offices of Mayor and Councillor are elected at large. This means that our Mayor and Councillors represent the entire population of the City, rather than a geographical ward as seen in larger Cities like Edmonton and Calgary.

The City of Camrose does not have a voter's list. Instead, voters may vote at any of the voting stations within the City of Camrose. Voter eligibility and identification requirements as well as voting stations will be posted in advance of any general municipal election.

Elections for our local school boards, Battle River Regional Division No. 31 and Elk Island Catholic Separate Regional Division No. 41, occur on the same day as our municipal election and are most often facilitated by the City of Camrose for voter convenience.

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