The City of Camrose is centrally located in Alberta, amidst some of the highest producing agricultural lands in the County. With a population of just under 20,000 and trading area of 150,000, Camrose city is a regional hub for work, services & amenities, recreation, and entertainment. Supported by rail, air and highway transportation corridors, the industry is continuing to choose Camrose as a place to expand or locate operations.

The local economy is diverse with strengths in agriculture, health care and manufacturing industries. Located in the heart of agricultural lands, Camrose is poised for further investment in the value-added agriculture sector. There is an established, active agricultural manufacturing sector where the community and labour pool are extremely knowledgeable and competent. New innovations in manufacturing are improving productivity and reducing downtime and overall impact on the environment. Opportunities for manufacturers are abundant as the city is the regional hub for support of vast agriculture and oil & gas sectors.

Camrose is a leader in rural health care, with a network of innovative medical professionals. It is one of 40 communities in Alberta with a Primary Care Network (PCN), along with a major hospital and robust selection of health clinics and support services. The city features a high physician to patient ratio, proving that health care professionals see the advantages of living and working in Camrose. Businesses in the health care sector can take advantage of the dynamic and innovative environment and work to develop new public-private sector opportunities

The City of Camrose likes to do business with business. You'll find a thriving, dynamic business community ready to welcome you. We provide the following benefits:

  • A cooperative Mayor, Council, and staff who consider economic development a priority
  • An Economic Development Office that provides personal attention to make sure you get what you need to locate in Camrose
  • An abundant and readily available supply of residential and industrial land
  • No business tax and no tax on manufacturing equipment
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