The Land Use Bylaw divides the City of Camrose into the following districts:

  • AIR, Airport District
  • C1, Central/Downtown Commercial District
  • C2, Highway Commercial District
  • C3, Neighbourhood Commercial District
  • DC, Direct Control Districts
  • ER, Environmental Reserve District
  • I, Institutional District
  • M1, General Industrial District
  • M2, Heavy Industrial District
  • MH, Mobile Home and Transition Neighbourhood District
  • PR, Parks and Recreation District
  • R1, Low Density Residential District
  • R2, Mixed Use Residential
  • R3, Medium Density Residential District
  • R4, High Density Residential District
  • SCD, Special (Historical) Commercial District
  • SEED, Special Event and Entertainment District
  • SRD, Special (Historical) Residential District
  • UR, Urban Reserve

To find out the description or regulations for a specific zone, please view our Land Use Bylaw.

Land Use Map

See our Land Use Bylaw Map to view the zoning within the City of Camrose.

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